First Dinner in Berlin

Hello from Berlin!

We spent the whole day exploring different neighborhoods of Berlin. The city has so much history I can’t keep track but it truly is fascinating. We’ve lucked out on the weather so far and this evening was quite warm with a slight breeze. Tomorrow we are heading to MuseumInsel which means museum island in German. We tried this authentic German restaurant that exceptional so naturally, I took photos to share with you!


The restaurant was called Kurhaus Korsakow and is situated in the neighborhood of Boxhagener Platz (and I thought French was difficult to pronounce). I loved the ivy on the outside of the building and the ambiance inside was relaxed and comfortable.


The first course was a delicious thick potato soup that I think is quite popular in Germany. It’s one was super rich and creamy with pesto mixed in to it. It went quite nicely with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.


The second course was absolutely heavenly. It was a cheese spaetzel (a sort of German pasta) with this delicious creamy sauce mixed with peppers. There was also a salad on the side with cucumbers, radishes and some other seasonal greens. Somehow the dish managed not to be too heavy even though it was deliciously creamy and cheesy.

Lastly, I really wanted dessert (when do I not?) but my friends were both too full so I resisted temptation. Tomorrow I’m scoping out the best looking dessert I can find! Can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow.

Hope you are having a nice start to the week!

May Photo a Day #4

Hi All!
Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I have spent my weekend in the North of France at the vacation home of my French program director. She is essentially my French grandmother and is the most sophisticated, well-dressed, elegant women I think I have ever met. And she is a FANTASTIC cook. I hope I can be as classy as her when I am older. We are here with her (Anne-Marie) husband, and another American girl from my program. We’ve been profiting in the sun and enjoying some relaxing time before finals are upon us. Anyway, moving on. Today’s photo theme was In My Cup.

In My Cup:


A delicious red wine from the Cote-Azur region. With it we had a white fish in butter sauce, asparagus and potatoes. Fantastique!