Good Day Dog Subscription Review! August 2013

Hey Everyone 🙂

Good Day Dog is a new subscription service that sends a new collar for your pup each month! GDD encourages you to have fun with your dog while helping you find new, cute dog collars for your wet-nosed friend.


I had to include this photo because Joanna’s (founder of Good Day Dog) handwriting is so stinking cute! I wanted to trace it and practice. The packaging was minimal which I liked because I didn’t feel wasteful.

The Box: Good Day Dog

The Cost: $15/month regardless of collar size

When you sign up for GDD you are able to choose the size of your dog (small, medium or large). Each size gives you an idea of the collar’s size in inches so you can pick the best size for your dog.


The collar was wrapped up so tidily that I had to take a photo. It has little pirates on it! CUTE!


Close up of the collar. The buckle is heavy duty and has a convenient clasp closure which I prefer. The tag ring is also made of sturdy metal which is important for me because Dexter has a tendency to lose his tags!


Dexter with his new collar 🙂 I think this collar looks so cute and I’ll be the first one to admit that I love buying my dogs clothes and accessories. This subscription is right up my alley because my dogs have to have collars, so they might as well have cute ones!

Verdict: I love this subscription service! I can tell that a lot of care goes into each of the packages. Everything was hand done including the address on the front of the envelope. Since I have two dogs I think it would be fun to subscribe to GDD and alternate who gets the new collar each month. My doggies like to be in style! I know plenty of friends who would love to receive a subscription as a gift for their pups.

Would you like to sign up for GDD? Click HERE to subscribe and start receiving cute, quality collars for your 4-legged friend.

Also, head over to Good Day Dog’s Facebook Page and like it to see fun photos, discount offers and articles!

BePawsitive Subscription Review!

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today’s review is for a company called BePawsitive! My weiner dogs and I were very excited to open this box. If you’d like to see us open it, watch the video below or scroll down to read my written review!


I was so excited to hear about this new box that not only delivers delicious baked treats to your dog every month, but for every box you purchase, they also send a bag of treats to a shelter for a dog in need!


The Box: BePawsitive

The Cost: $18/month

Each month, BePawsitive sends you a one months supply of dog biscuits in a new flavor in addition along with fun dog goodies or a gift card/coupon code for pet products! The treats are 100% organic and for every box purchased, they will donate another box to an animal shelter or rescue organization!


Typically, I’m not a huge fan of advertising merchandises in boxes, but I am a sucker for bandanas! Dexter looks super cute in them and I think that the BePawsitive logo is very cute. They also included a little window decal!


Gift Card to

Value: $25.00/month

I had never heard of before but after looking into the site it seems like a really great idea! Rover allows you to enter in your location and the dates of your vacation and will help you to find an experienced pet sitter in your area!


These treats are in Original flavor this month. It’s a nice big bag of about 55 treats that are 100% natural and organic! I love that these treats are made in the USA and that I can feel good feeding them to my pups.

Verdict: I absolutely love the concept behind BePawsitive. I think it’s great when companies want to give back and pride themselves in producing high-quality products! The value of this box was well over the cost with the gift card, the treats and the other bag of treats that went to a dog who needed some love. If you have pups I would definitely recommend this box for you.

What do you think about BePawsitive? If you’d like to subscribe for you and your pet, click HERE!


Pawalla Pet Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Hey there!

I’m excited to share my Pawalla review with you today! Click play to watch my unboxing video or continue to read my written review below!


This box arrived by UPS and I couldn’t wait to see what the weenies thought of it! Pawalla delivers a great selection of yummy wet foods, treats, toys, and more for your dog or cat.


I couldn’t even get a good picture before Gilbert robbed the toy from the box!

The Box: Pawalla

The Cost: Deluxe box ($30/month) or Mini box ($20/month). Prices decrease if you subscribe to more months!


Bright Monkey Stick Toy

Value: $9.99

As you can see, this toy was an immediate hit. Anything with fluff and a squeaker and the weenies are ready to destroy it. Sadly, for such little dogs they demolish their toys very fast and this toy had its stuffing ripped out within hours. However, I wouldn’t blame this on the quality of the toy because it literally takes carbon fiber to deter my monsters.


Locomotion Pet Treats in Cheesy Flavor

Value: $2.25

I opened these treats up right away for the pups to try and they loved them! These cookies are super fresh and have a good supply of Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium and B Vitamins to keep your pets at the top of their game.


Pet Greens Lamb Training Treats- Semi Moist Li’l Treats

Value: $7.99

I was really excited to see these in the box because I will soon be starting puppy preschool with Glibert and will need some little training treats. I love the size of these treats not to mention they are heart-shaped AND there is a picture of a wiener dog on the package so major bonus points there. Cute!


Natural Balance- Healthy Bones- Turkey, Oatmeal & Cranberry

Value: $4.99

These treats have vitamin E and zinc in them to help keep your dogs coat shiny. Dexter and Gilbert are a little bit high maintenance and need non bite-size treats broken up for them, so I may be passing these on to my sister’s dog Mac. I’m sure he will love them!


Grizzly Pollock Oil Supplement

Value: $5.50

This product looks really interesting. I had never seen it before this so I did a bit of research online. It appears to be rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help maintain a healthy skin and coat, healthy joints, and are beneficial to nervous system and eyes. It is sourced from sustainable Wild Alaskan Pollock. I hope the boys will like this supplement because this is one I actually may be interested in giving them!


Canine Caviar- Green Venison Tripe Wet Dog Food

Value: $6.67

I was impressed by this wet food. It is grain free, gluten free, potato & corn free. There is only one type of protein so it is easier on dogs and cats tummies than a lot of wet foods. Dexter does has a relatively sensitive stomach so I am excited to see how he likes this food.

Verdict: The total value of this box was $37.39 which is more than the $30 cost. The bigger reason that I am excited about this box is that I discovered a wide array of products that I know I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I like to keep my dogs food pretty consistent but trying new treats is always fun for me and them! Not to mention that they go through toys like nobody’s business so I like the idea of getting a new surprise toy for them each month!

If you would like to sign up for Pawalla click HERE.

Did you guys like Pawalla as much as me and the weenies did?

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!