May Photo a Day #11

Hi beauties 🙂

Permit me to say that I am impressed with myself for so far not missing a day of the may photo a day challenge. Maybe I should be embarrassed for admitting that this is an accomplishment for me, but what can ya do? Today’s theme is Smile.



We had a little soirée Friday night with all of the students from my language program at the University of Nantes. This is me with two of my lovely friends HyemYoung from Korea and Mano from Georgia (the country not the state 😉 ) As is custom with me, I had to squat because the combination of my 6 foot self + heels, can make photos look a little funny. I can’t believe how soon I am leaving France. I’m going to miss all of the great people I have met here.

May Photo a Day #7

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Time for another photo! Today’s may photo a day theme is Something beginning with F. This one was a little challenging for me…had to stretch my brain!

Something beginning with F:


I chose F for factory. Yes, believe it or not this beautiful building was once a cookie factory for LU (a french company that makes delectable cookies). It’s right in the center of Nantes and I see it almost everyday. I think it’s so pretty and although they no longer make cookies inside, I love that the LU is still displayed on the building.