KlutchClub Subscription Review! July 2013

Hi guys!

Today’s review is for KlutchClub, a health and wellness box that sends you snacks, supplements, skincare products and more!Β If you’d like to see me open my KlutchClub box, click on the video below! Or, scroll down to read my written review.


The Box: KlutchClub

The Cost: $18/month

The box was heavy and I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what came in my box!Β  All of the products that KlutchClub sends you are supposed to be full-size or multi-use.


Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips Salt and Pepper

Value: $1.00

I’ve loved all of these different bean chips that I’ve received in my boxes and these were no exception. These are corn and gluten-free and taste delicious with a bowl of vegetable lentil soup!


Organic Flavrz Liquid Drink Mix in Fruit Punch

Value: $5.99

This mix is made with real fruit and is 100% organic. It provides energy from green tea and is a great way to make your water taste a little yummier if you struggle to drink enough each day. I like that it is low sugar and is giving you extra energy naturally.


Baked Whole Food Bar Earnest Eats

Value: $1.40

This bar looks really tasty and it is heavy! I can imagine this would fill me up. It is wheat-free, vegan and has a little espresso to help wake you up.

Soy Greek Yogurt Good Greens Blueberry Bliss

Value: $2.99

I’m really excited to try this bar. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and each bar has 12g of protein! These bars have great reviews on amazon, some people say they taste like candy πŸ™‚


Power Bar Performance Blends

Value: $5.00

These blends and I are good friends. They are super tasty, give you a nice bit of energy and have only 80 calories. I love having these around the house for a quick, on-the-go snacks.

Wheat-Grass Organic Seeds

Value: $3.40

I thought this was a really neat inclusion in the box! Wheat-Grass is a delicious snack and makes really good juices. Wheat-Grass is full of vitamin and minerals that are really good for your body and apparently can be easily grown inside. I can’t wait to try and grow this in my new house!


Puritan’s Pride Rasberry Ketones

Value: $2.99

I wasn’t familiar with this type of supplement so I did a little research. There have been very limited studies that show that rasberry ketones may increase metabolism but no substantial proof has been found yet.


Nawgan Alertness Aid Beverage

Value: $2.25

This drink looks perfect for me! I’m saving it till study time comes πŸ™‚ This drink is specially formulated to sharpen focus and boost concentration, perfect!


Delight Gluten-Free Magazine

Value: $4.00

I’ve never heard of this magazine before but I flipped through it and it is full of delicious gluten-free recipes. There were some yummy looking cocktails that I’m excited to try πŸ™‚

There were also two gift cards in this box! One for $25 to WaveGear who sells sun glasses that float. And $75 to BistroMD, a service that delivers healthy, pre-made meals right to your door!

Verdict: The value of this box was $29.02 which is much more than the cost! I didn’t include the gift cards in the value of the box because they both would require you to spend a bit more money than the card offers. I really liked the products I received in my KlutchClub box, they were perfect for me and my college lifestyle! A lot of the products are great for studying and alertness and will come in handy once school starts. I’m really excited to try and grow my own wheatgrass too πŸ™‚

Would you like to subscribe to KlutchClub? Click HERE to get signed up today!

Bulu Box Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Hi beauties πŸ™‚

Today’s review is for a company called Bulu Box that sends you vitamins, supplements and weight loss products each month!
If you’d like to see me open my box, watch my YouTube video below or scroll down to read my written review.


I love boxes that have inspiring words and encouraging messages on them, especially when they are helping you to achieve your goals!


The Box: Bulu Box

The Cost: $10/month

Bulu Box’s price can’t be beat and let’s be honest…can I please have that lady’s abs??


Powerbar Energy Perfomance Blend in Apple Mango Strawberry & Banana Blueberry

Value: $5.00

I am always happy to have more of these lying around. These blends are great as a pre/mid workout snack but are low enough in calories that they can be eaten guilt-free throughout the day too!


Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer

Value: $1.00

Did anyone else know that a coffee creamer packed with protein existed? If so I would have bought it for Tay along time ago. I drink my coffee black but Taylor is always loading it up with icky fake creamer and I would love to find him something equally as tasty that would benefit his workouts too.

Zellies Xylitol Mints

Value: $0.50

I did a bit of research on Xylitol and it apparently is all natural, tastes just like sugar but has 40% fewer calories. Studies have shown that it can protect and strengthen teeth, prevent decay, and help heal early cavities which are a huge fear of mine with my braces! These mints will go to immediate use.


Vivarin Caffeine Alertness Aid

Value: $0.50?

I am admittedly addicted to coffee so this will probably be passed on to Taylor. Vivarin is an alertness aid that contains the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee!

Erba Vita Acid Dietary Supplement

Value: $1.00

This product is completely GMO free and is vegetarian! It is a supplement that is meant to support a healthy digestive system and regulate your bodies pH.

Free Month to Daily Burn and $20 store credit

Value: $30.00

I was super excited to see this coupon in the box because I have heard of Daily Burn and I know they offer workout videos for anything from dance to weight lifting! One month to Daily Burn costs $10 and you get full access to all of their videos and online support. Cool!

Verdict: The value of this box was $18 not including the $20 in store credit to Daily Burn because I am not sure if that requires a minimum purchase. I’m really interested about all of the products that came in the box and I think they did a good job of including items that support all types of health. I also love the month to DailyBurn because it can be used by someone of any fitness level!

Want to give Bulu Box a shot? Click HERE and use code BULUGAN819 to get your first box free or $10 off your subscription!



The holBOX Subscription Review! July 2013

Happy Friday!

Today I’m going to share my review of a company called holBOX, who helps women start living a more holistic lifestyle! HolBOX seeks to make it less intimidating to try organic, more natural living by sending women a variety of products for the body & soul, and explaining the benefits of the products without an overwhelming amount of information.


The Box: holBOX

The Cost: $25/month

I was so curious when I opened the box and saw this beautiful, fabric-wrapped package. Each month holBOX send 5-7 different sample products that can be anything from bodycare, haircare, for the mind or for use in the household.


Alwadi Orange Blossom Water

Value: $2.99

Apart from being used for cooking, orange blossom is apparently good for fighting oily skin! This water was made in Lebanon and can also be used to make a refreshing drink called White Coffee.


Kombucha Wonder Drink Asian Pear & Ginger

Value: $1.20

I popped this sparkling, fermented tea in the fridge as soon as I saw it, and I tried it an hour later. It is so tasty! It is cool and refreshing and ginger has so many healthy properties that are good for the body and digestion, I would definitely buy this again.


Pure Avocado Oil Extract

Value: Approx $20.00

Did anyone else know that avocado oil is a natural SPF? I sure didn’t. I’ve just been busy stuffing it in my face whenever possible. However, I learned that It is often used to treat dry or mature skin and can help people suffering from eczema or psoriasis. It also is helpful in treating sun or climate damaged skin that is dehydrated and undernourished as it is said to help with regenerating the skin and softening the tissue. Woah! Talk about a wonder oil. This sounds like pure gold. No wonder avocados are so delicious; I’m definitely trying this out on my dry skin.


Summerfield Spices Dill Weed

Value: $3.63

I don’t use dill weed very frequently but I learned that it is a cooling spice that actually reduces the heat produced by your body during digestion. I definitely see holBOX included this in the summer box!


Edible Green Tea Powdered from EatGreenTea.com

Value: $2.25

I think a lot of us are familiar with some of the benefits of drinking green tea. But I was amazed to see that one serving of this stuff contains the same amount of antioxidants as 30 cups of normal brewed tea. Holy Moly! You can sprinkle it on just about anything and enjoy a healthy energy boost. I can’t wait to try this!


Fabric Tie Sack

Value: $5.00?

This pattern is so gorgeous and I would love to use this to pack a lunch or something. The fabric is heavy enough that I will actually be able to get a lot of use out of this pretty tie bag.

Verdict: The value of this box was a little over $35.00 which is well over the $25 cost. I felt a lot smarter after looking through all of these products and I really like that holBOX explained to me why each product was included in the box and what benefits I could get from it. I’m really curious what will be in store each month for holBOX and I may have to subscribe myself just to find out! I can definitely believe that after a few months I would be living a more holistic lifestyle.

Did you like holBOX? Anyone already subscribed? To check out their site or to sign up click HERE!

From the Lab Subscription Review – July 2013

Hey readers πŸ™‚
Today’s review is for a company called From the Lab.Β  From the lab sends you “beauty breakthroughs from the top European labs up to 18 months before retail.” They have partnered with some of the top labs in the world to find new and innovative beauty & skincare products that you will receive before the general public has access! Check out my video below to see my first impression or read on to see my written review!


I like that the products sent to you from From the Lab are full 30-day supplies, so you aren’t just receiving little product samples. I think this is especially important with skincare, because it takes a while for your skin to adjust to new products!


The Box:

The Cost: $19.95/month (charter member price, sign up fast to be locked in to this price for life!) $29.95/month after charter membership closes

I loved my June From the Lab box and wear the eye primer every day, so I was excited to see what was in my July box!


Eye Cream No. 579

This cream has so many beneficial properties I don’t even know where to begin! It is meant to cool and refresh the skin around your eyes and help alleviate puffiness and under eye bags in addition to reducing fine lines. This month, From the Lab chose products that are meant to protect the skin from environmental toxins that build up and can harm our skin. Some of the ingredients in this eye cream are tomato stem cell culture, ginseng, caffeine, Rice and Pomegrantate Extracts, Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin B3! I really do struggle with under eye circles and puffiness with my allergies so I’m really excited to try this eye cream.


24-Hour Face Cram No. 578

I really like the texture of this face cream. It’s soft and light and could be worn during the night without clogging up my pores. It is supposed to neutralize free radical damage, purify and protect your skin from toxins. It also stimulates collagen production and minimizes the appearance of premature aging! I don’t think I need to be using a cream that reverses the effects of aging however, I am definitely happy to try a cream that just slows that process down all together. I don’t think it is ever too early to start protecting your skin from aging damage. I just bought a new face cream so I may not use this one for a while but I will absolutely use it when I finish my current moisturizer!

Verdict: I think From the Lab is such a great concept for a beauty box. They eliminate all of the time and cost that is wasted waiting for new products to come out into the consumer public. Here you are just paying for a high-quality product and that is it. I also really like that the products are full size and can be used for 30 days (my eye primer is going to last me longer than that!) I love trying new products even before they hit the market so this box is right up my alley and I know I’d be spending way more money if I was to buy these products in a store!

Want to sign up for From the Lab? Do it quick to get locked in at their Charter Membership Price! Click HERE to learn more and to sign up today πŸ™‚ Also, stay tuned for a giveaway and your chance to win a free box from From the Lab!

Healthy Surprise Subscription Review!

Hi guys!

I can’t believe how fast July has passed us by. I hope you are enjoying box month!

Today’s review is for Healthy Surprise, a company that sends you full-size, healthy snacks to your door every month!

To see my first-impression of this box, watch the video below, or scroll on down to read my review πŸ™‚


This box was nice and heavy and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I’ve had such a great time discovering new, healthy snack brands and I wanted to see what Healthy Surprise had to offer!


The Box: Healthy Surprise

The Cost: $33-$99/month depending on size of box


Lydia’s Organics Rawkin Beet Chips Spicy

Value: $6.25

There are so many delicious veggies in these chips! I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to spiciness so I may make Tay try them but these could be a great alternative to potato chips!


Just Tomatoes

Value: $2.35

I actually love raw tomatoes but don’t eat them as often as I should because I get lazy and don’t want to cut them. Sad I know. I’ll be very interested to try these dehydrated tomatoes and hope they are flavorful just like fresh ones. They have a great supply of Vitamin C & A and would be a great, on the go snack or as part of a lunch.


NibNaks Crancherry Tart

Value: $2.25

Only ingredients: almonds, natural pitted cherries and cranberries ‘NUFF SAID

Just Great Stuff Cacao Acai Bar

Value: $2.00

This bar sounds so tasty and it is packed with antioxidants. I love a good chocolate and fruit combo so I’m excited to try this!


Hail Merry Macaroons Strawberry

Value: $5.00

I was so thrilled to see these in the box! I became obsessed with macaroons while I was in France and anything that tastes yummy and helps me miss France less is ok with me! It’s great that these are gluten-free and vegan too!


Plum Kids Organic Mashups Berry

Value: $1.00

I love these little squeezy snacks! This pack is way lower in sugar than a lot of brands I’ve seen and it’s made from 100% organic fruits and veggies. Yummy!

Gorge Delights Just Fruit Bar

Value: $1.50

The flavor combo of Pear Strawberry sounds delicious! They are a great source of fiber and would be perfect for an on-the-go snack.


Beanitos White Bean with Sea Salt

Value: $1.40

I’ve tried a lot of bean chips lately and have been pleasantly surprised with their tastes. These chips are free of GMO ingredients and have a dash of sea salt on them. Mmm.


The Daily Crave Veggie Chip

Value: $1.00

I’ve heard great things about this brand! Taylor’s sister is obsessed with their veggie sticks. I love any alternative to snacking on potato chips because sometimes you just need that salty fix. I’m curious to try these!


Caveman Nuts

Value: $2.40

I love mixed nuts but they can be super high in salt content. These nuts are all raw and have no added salt or preservatives!

Righteously Raw Chocolate Pure Dark & Divine Mint

Value: $2.50

These little chocolates are super rich with antioxidants and have no refined sugar. My mom is obsessed with dark chocolate and like to find the highest cacao content that she can, so I will probably pass these along to her to enjoy πŸ™‚

Verdict: The value of this box was $28.00, just under the cost. However, I love the fact that I have never heard of hardly any of these brands. It’s a lot of work finding new companies that produce honest, yummy, healthy food, and if there is a box that can help me do that, I think it’s worth the small extra cost. I love that the snacks are full-size and that I can taste a good amount before I decide if I want to buy them or not. This box would be great for someone with food allergies as they only send natural products that are corn, gluten and soy-free and are vegan. I loved this box!

Would you like to sign you or a friend up for Healthy Surprise? Click HERE to pick the subscription that’s best for you!

Runner Box Subscription Review, Coupon Code & Giveaway!

Hi guys!

I’m excited to share another review with you today. Today’s box is called Runner Box, an awesome box for runners, triathletes and other active people! Feel free to watch me open my Runner Box in the video below, or continue down to read my written review.


I received the gift box to review, that is packed with a variety of must-have products for people with active lifestyles. Please note that this box was the April/May gift box and is no longer available!


The Box: The Runner Box

The Cost: $20/month ($20 for a one time gift box as well)


Value: $2.15

These hair ties are super cute, I love the texture! But the really great this about this company is that every one of these hairbands sold,Β  purifies 1 Gal of water/day & provides jobs for the people of Haiti. I love companies with a mission!


Nuun Drink Mix (Fruit Punch)

Value: $0.80

As I’ve said before, I struggle to drink enough water during my workouts so I’m always thrilled to have something that not only provides me with electrolytes and tastes yummy!


Get Active Tea for Endurance

Value: $0.40

I was really interested in this brand so I did a bit of research and found that they have tea for all types of goals! They have a tea metabolism, recovery and flexibility among others. I absolutely love tea after spending a year in France and I’m excited to try this one.


Bonk Breaker Energy Bite (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip)

Value: $2.30

S0 anything Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavored is already my favorite thing ever. However, I like that this bar is also gluten-free, dairy-free and free of soy, not to mention it’s perfectly sized! Great for a pre-workout snack.


Jelly Belly Sport Beans (Pomegranate)

Value: $1.25

I can’t believe I have never heard of these sports beans! They look so tasty and would be great for a yummy energy boost during a workout or during class. This little resealable pack has 50mg of caffeine and a good amount of Vitamin B & C.


Lenny & Larry’s Muscle Brownie (Triple Chocolate)

Value: $2.30

I have a feeling this bar is coming straight out of the box and going straight into Taylor’s mouth! The only reason it hasn’t been eaten yet is because he hasn’t seen it. But, I’m a good girlfriend so I’ve been saving some yummy snacks and supplements for him πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t believe how heavy this bar was and that is has 20g of protein!


CocoaVia Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement

Value: $2.40

These yummy little packets can be added to yogurt, water, milk, cereal..just about anything daily. Cocoa is said to help promote healthy circulation and is the only natural source of phytonutrients found on earth. Interesting! I’m excited to taste these πŸ™‚


Accel Recover Energy Bar (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

Value: $2.10

This bar sounds tasty and has some beneficial elements for athletes recovering from an intense workout! This one will get passed onto Taylor as I’m not a huge recovery drink/bar type gal.


Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks

Value: $1.38

I was excited to see these in the box! I love healthy snacks that I can toss into my purse or backpack when I’m on the go. And I love that these are fat-free and only 50 calories per pack!


ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes

Value: $1.25

I was really excited to see a ShowerPill in my box! We used to sell these at the gym I worked at and I think they are fanstastic. Although they were originally designed for athletes, they are great to keep in your purse or gym bag when you need to freshen up. They unfold into a nice size, are very durable and I love that they aren’t sticky.


Injinji 2012 Performance Lightweight No Show Toe Socks

Value: $12.00

I was super stoked to see these socks in the box! They are super light-weight and perfect for running (especially if your feet sweat when you work out like this girl) because they breath really well. I don’t usually where toe-socks, but hey there’s a first time for everything right? πŸ™‚ If you’d like to make a purchase from Injinji click HERE and use code ANYSHOE to get 40% off of your purchase!


Energy Bits

Value: $5.00

I’ve heard about these little guys before but have never gotten to taste them and I am quite curious! These are made out of 100% organic spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients! I’m excited to try them and I hope they taste good! If you’d like to try energy bits, click HERE and use code RUNNERBOXΒ to get 15% off your order!

Verdict: The value of this box is $33.34! I love that this box had so many different kinds of items in it! This box would be a fantastic gift for any active person. I think my favorite item was the hair-band, it’s super cute and it supports a cause which is great!

What did you think of Runner Box? From now until Sunday, enter code RUNNERBOX10 at checkout to get 10% of your subscription! If you liked it as much as I did, then I invite you to enter my giveaway to win a one-month subscription of Runner Box for yourself! I’d like to thank the awesome crew over at Runner Box for making this giveaway possible. What are you waiting for? Enter, enter, enter!

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This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!

Kona Kase Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Happy Weekend!

Today I want to share my review of Kona Kase with you all. Kona Kase is a box that helps “fuel your active lifestyle.” Watch my video below to see my first impressions of my Kona Kase or scroll down a bit to see my written review!


The Box: Kona Kase

The Cost: $15/month

This box was packed full of all sorts of snacks and supplements! I also loved that they included an inspirational quote on top along with an information card. Kona Kase sends you around 8 nutritional products each month to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Popcorners Popped Corn Chips

Value: $1.00

I was so excited about these chips! As a lot of you may know by now, I’m obsessed with popcorn but I can’t eat it because of my braces. I can’t wait to give these a shot and see if they satisfy my craving for popcorn. They are also low-sodium and gluten-free!

GU Chomps

Value: $4.00

I’m really excited about these little chews. I can’t eat much when I work out, but I do find myself losing energy during a longer workout. These chomps are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, potassium and sodium. All of those ingredients are sure to help me stay energized and focused for my workout! Not to mention they look delish πŸ™‚

GU Electrolyte Tabs

Value: $1.10

These tabs are small and you simply have to drop them into your water bottle. They help you ingest the water that you are drinking and maintain a healthy electrolyte balance which is important in and out of the gym! I want to try them for the flavor too, because sometimes flavored water is easier for me to drink.

Luna Bars in Blueberry Bliss

Value: $2.25

I love Luna Bars so I was really excited to see these in my box! Luna bars are specifically formulated for women (though men can eat them too). They are super yummy and are a good source of protein, Omega 3, fiber, calcium, and vitamin D. They also are 70% organic so kudos for that!

GU Energy Gel & GU Roctane Gel

Value: $1.30 & $2.25

These gels are supposed to help you maintain your energy during high-intensity workouts. I’m not as big on energy supplements as I used to be when I was a collegiate athlete, as my workouts are a bit more low-key than they were then. However, Tay, my boyfriend who is a bit more intense at the gym than me, was excited to see these in my box and snagged them for himself. I’m excited to see what he thinks of them!

Powerbar Performance Energy Blend

Value: $2.99

These little packs are a fruit-based energy compote found to “deliver 20-50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and improve endurance performance by 8%.” They’re also a good source of vitamin C! I want to try one of these for a snack part way through my workout as they look quick, yummy and they aren’t too big.

Oh Yeah Almond Fudge Brownie Bar

Value: $2.10

This bar looks so good! I mean hello? Almond fudge brownie? This bar is packed with 30g of protein which is super impressive considering its size. Another tasty, filling snack to take to school with me!

GU Recovery Brew in Chocolate Smoothie

Value: $3.00

This recovery drink has lots of nutrients that are meant to help restore your muscles after an intense workout. It’s supposed to taste less chalky and salty than other recovery drinks. This one also was snatched by Tay who does more weight-lifting than myself and is all about the recovery drinks.

Verdict: The value of this box was $20.00 which is definitely more than it’s cost. I think this box is a great idea for those of you with active lifestyles and who are trying to reach or maintain fitness goals. With this low-price point I think you are still getting some very high-quality products from new and reputable brands. This box would also be a fun gift for those active people in your life!

Interested in signing up for Kona Kase? Use the coupon code fiveoff when you signup to get $5 off your first box, making it only $10! How did you guys like Kona Kase? Is anybody already signed up?


This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!