Glossybox Subcription Review – May 2013


This is a more detailed review of my May Glossybox France. I received this box today (June 1) so it just missed the end of the month!


The box came very cutely wrapped. My only “complaint” is that they use a lot of confetti paper inside just to make the box look more full and I think they could definitely go without it because it seems like such a waste of paper! (Sorry, we’ve got a Seattleite over here)

The Box: Glossybox France

The Cost: 15.50 euros/$20 (including shipping)


Payot Les Correctrices Special Rides Creme
Value: $21.70…this stuff is pricey!

I did a little research on this brand and it has a very good reputation in France. This is a wrinkle correcting cream so I haven’t decided if I am going to try it (I have some tiny fine wrinkles starting around my eyes) or if I will give it to my ma to try.


Smink Cosmetics Crack Nail PolishValue: $5.00

I suppose this is the time to confess that I have never tried a crackle polish. I’m glad this polish came in the box because I’m not sure I would have bought it on my own but I will definitely try it. Maybe I will become a crackle polish addict!


Tony and Guy Firm Hold Hairspray
Value: $2.46

I ran out of hairspray recently and have been putting off buying it until I got home but my flyaways are getting a little ridiculous. This spray is the perfect size and will more than last me the next month!


Amethyst Lalique Perfumed Body Lotion
Value: $26.80

I really wish I used scented body lotion because this one truly smells great. I just tend to like lotions with less scent to them. I will definitely be gifting this to a lucky friend. I am not complaining that it was in my box though because it really is a great product and with a big value as well!


Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower – Rose & Jasmine Body Cleanser

Value: $2.50

This body wash smells SO good. Like SO good. I didn’t even know I like the smell of roses but now I can’t wait to lather this on in the shower!

Verdict: I was really pleased with this box! I was actually to receive more skincare products and less cosmetics this month so this box was perfect for me. The total value of the box was $58.46 which is almost 3 times what I paid so no complaints there. Again, my only suggestion would be that I would love if they looked into a little more eco-friendly packaging. Did anyone receive the US May Glossybox? Were the products similar?

Boxes on the horizon, May/June

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I will also be receiving Glossybox in May!

So because I’m still in France, and have just recently starting my blog, I will only have one box to review for the month of May:

The box is called Joliebox and is available in France and the UK.

As for June, I am expecting to have three boxes to review:

1) I will be receiving another Joliebox

2) My Little Box which is all the hype right now in France and I HOPE will be available in the U.S. soon because it looks adorable and has had nothing but great reviews.

3) The last box I will be expecting in June is Cosmopolitanbox which is, you guessed it, made by Cosmopolitan magazine! I’m curious about this box and as it comes with Junes issue of Cosmopolitan, how could I refuse?? (As far as I am aware, this box is only available in France)

After that, I’ll be back in the U.S. and deciding which monthly subscription boxes to subscribe to and review. Any suggestions for great beauty/lifestyle/eco/food boxes? What are your favorites?