KlutchClub Subscription Review! July 2013

Hi guys!

Today’s review is for KlutchClub, a health and wellness box that sends you snacks, supplements, skincare products and more!Β If you’d like to see me open my KlutchClub box, click on the video below! Or, scroll down to read my written review.


The Box: KlutchClub

The Cost: $18/month

The box was heavy and I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what came in my box!Β  All of the products that KlutchClub sends you are supposed to be full-size or multi-use.


Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips Salt and Pepper

Value: $1.00

I’ve loved all of these different bean chips that I’ve received in my boxes and these were no exception. These are corn and gluten-free and taste delicious with a bowl of vegetable lentil soup!


Organic Flavrz Liquid Drink Mix in Fruit Punch

Value: $5.99

This mix is made with real fruit and is 100% organic. It provides energy from green tea and is a great way to make your water taste a little yummier if you struggle to drink enough each day. I like that it is low sugar and is giving you extra energy naturally.


Baked Whole Food Bar Earnest Eats

Value: $1.40

This bar looks really tasty and it is heavy! I can imagine this would fill me up. It is wheat-free, vegan and has a little espresso to help wake you up.

Soy Greek Yogurt Good Greens Blueberry Bliss

Value: $2.99

I’m really excited to try this bar. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and each bar has 12g of protein! These bars have great reviews on amazon, some people say they taste like candy πŸ™‚


Power Bar Performance Blends

Value: $5.00

These blends and I are good friends. They are super tasty, give you a nice bit of energy and have only 80 calories. I love having these around the house for a quick, on-the-go snacks.

Wheat-Grass Organic Seeds

Value: $3.40

I thought this was a really neat inclusion in the box! Wheat-Grass is a delicious snack and makes really good juices. Wheat-Grass is full of vitamin and minerals that are really good for your body and apparently can be easily grown inside. I can’t wait to try and grow this in my new house!


Puritan’s Pride Rasberry Ketones

Value: $2.99

I wasn’t familiar with this type of supplement so I did a little research. There have been very limited studies that show that rasberry ketones may increase metabolism but no substantial proof has been found yet.


Nawgan Alertness Aid Beverage

Value: $2.25

This drink looks perfect for me! I’m saving it till study time comes πŸ™‚ This drink is specially formulated to sharpen focus and boost concentration, perfect!


Delight Gluten-Free Magazine

Value: $4.00

I’ve never heard of this magazine before but I flipped through it and it is full of delicious gluten-free recipes. There were some yummy looking cocktails that I’m excited to try πŸ™‚

There were also two gift cards in this box! One for $25 to WaveGear who sells sun glasses that float. And $75 to BistroMD, a service that delivers healthy, pre-made meals right to your door!

Verdict: The value of this box was $29.02 which is much more than the cost! I didn’t include the gift cards in the value of the box because they both would require you to spend a bit more money than the card offers. I really liked the products I received in my KlutchClub box, they were perfect for me and my college lifestyle! A lot of the products are great for studying and alertness and will come in handy once school starts. I’m really excited to try and grow my own wheatgrass too πŸ™‚

Would you like to subscribe to KlutchClub? Click HERE to get signed up today!

Kona Kase Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Happy Weekend!

Today I want to share my review of Kona Kase with you all. Kona Kase is a box that helps “fuel your active lifestyle.” Watch my video below to see my first impressions of my Kona Kase or scroll down a bit to see my written review!


The Box: Kona Kase

The Cost: $15/month

This box was packed full of all sorts of snacks and supplements! I also loved that they included an inspirational quote on top along with an information card. Kona Kase sends you around 8 nutritional products each month to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Popcorners Popped Corn Chips

Value: $1.00

I was so excited about these chips! As a lot of you may know by now, I’m obsessed with popcorn but I can’t eat it because of my braces. I can’t wait to give these a shot and see if they satisfy my craving for popcorn. They are also low-sodium and gluten-free!

GU Chomps

Value: $4.00

I’m really excited about these little chews. I can’t eat much when I work out, but I do find myself losing energy during a longer workout. These chomps are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, potassium and sodium. All of those ingredients are sure to help me stay energized and focused for my workout! Not to mention they look delish πŸ™‚

GU Electrolyte Tabs

Value: $1.10

These tabs are small and you simply have to drop them into your water bottle. They help you ingest the water that you are drinking and maintain a healthy electrolyte balance which is important in and out of the gym! I want to try them for the flavor too, because sometimes flavored water is easier for me to drink.

Luna Bars in Blueberry Bliss

Value: $2.25

I love Luna Bars so I was really excited to see these in my box! Luna bars are specifically formulated for women (though men can eat them too). They are super yummy and are a good source of protein, Omega 3, fiber, calcium, and vitamin D. They also are 70% organic so kudos for that!

GU Energy Gel & GU Roctane Gel

Value: $1.30 & $2.25

These gels are supposed to help you maintain your energy during high-intensity workouts. I’m not as big on energy supplements as I used to be when I was a collegiate athlete, as my workouts are a bit more low-key than they were then. However, Tay, my boyfriend who is a bit more intense at the gym than me, was excited to see these in my box and snagged them for himself. I’m excited to see what he thinks of them!

Powerbar Performance Energy Blend

Value: $2.99

These little packs are a fruit-based energy compote found to “deliver 20-50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and improve endurance performance by 8%.” They’re also a good source of vitamin C! I want to try one of these for a snack part way through my workout as they look quick, yummy and they aren’t too big.

Oh Yeah Almond Fudge Brownie Bar

Value: $2.10

This bar looks so good! I mean hello? Almond fudge brownie? This bar is packed with 30g of protein which is super impressive considering its size. Another tasty, filling snack to take to school with me!

GU Recovery Brew in Chocolate Smoothie

Value: $3.00

This recovery drink has lots of nutrients that are meant to help restore your muscles after an intense workout. It’s supposed to taste less chalky and salty than other recovery drinks. This one also was snatched by Tay who does more weight-lifting than myself and is all about the recovery drinks.

Verdict: The value of this box was $20.00 which is definitely more than it’s cost. I think this box is a great idea for those of you with active lifestyles and who are trying to reach or maintain fitness goals. With this low-price point I think you are still getting some very high-quality products from new and reputable brands. This box would also be a fun gift for those active people in your life!

Interested in signing up for Kona Kase? Use the coupon code fiveoff when you signup to get $5 off your first box, making it only $10! How did you guys like Kona Kase? Is anybody already signed up?


This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!

Gfreely Unboxing & Subscription Review!

Hello my beautiful readers,

Not tired of boxes yet right? I hope not, because we’re just getting started πŸ™‚

This is a review of Gfreely subscription service. If you’d like to unbox with me, click play on the youtube video below, or scroll down to read my written review!


The Box: Gfreely

The Cost: $25/month (for 1 month, prices go down if you subscribe for more months)

Gfreely is a subscription box that finds a variety of tasty gluten-free snacks and foods and sends them to your door each month. They also will often send gluten-free recipes along with their boxes!


I was super excited when I saw all of these snacks. It looked like a nice array of snacks.


Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal in Goji Cacao

Value: $4.20

This cereal looks yummy and super convenient. It comes with a spoon so all you have to do is add cold water and you’re good to go! I was impressed to see that it is certified organic, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO.


Ginnybakes Coconut Oatmeal Bliss Cookies

Value: $2.00

Naturally I had to dig in to one snack as soon as I opened the box and it was these. And let me tell you, they are so good! I was a little surprised by how much I liked them. These would be perfect to take to class in the morning for a quick but nutritious breakfast. They’re super soft and chewy and also 100% organic and gluten-free!


Moroccan Tagine Simmer Sauce by Saffron Road

Value: $3.69

I was excited to see this sauce in the box. It’s great to receive snacks but why not mix it up with some things we can cook with too? I have no idea how to cook Moroccan food, but I’m going to find out now that I have this yummy looking sauce to use!


Kay’s Naturals Protein Pretzels

Value: $1.45

I’ll be the first to say I’m not a huge fan of pretzels but these cinnamon sugar ones caught my attention. These are made with lean soy protein and are full of fiber. I do love cinnamon and sugar, so I’ll give these a shot πŸ™‚


Rice with Adzuki Bean Snack Chips with Natural Salt

Value: $1.50

So these looked incredibly tasty too and I didn’t wait too long to try these chips either. These may be my new favorite chip. They are salty and super crunchy and have a nice flavor, not just like a boring tortilla chip. These would be great with any kind of dip too!


Halfpops Natural Butter & Pure Ocean Sea Salt Popcorn

Value: $1.50

My heart rose and then sank when I saw this snack. I love love love popcorn but I unfortunately can’t eat it with my braces. So this snack will be passed on to someone in the fam. However, it looks super yummy. It’s air-popped locally in my home-town of Seattle. When I get my braces off I’ll be trying this brand.


Chiquita Banana Fruit Chips

Value: $3.00

This is a nice big pack of banana chips. Personally, I’m not a big fan of dried fruit but for someone who enjoys them I imagine these will be yummy. And I do like Chiquita Bananas!


Graw Bar Original

Value: $3.00

If I didn’t think I’d bore you by listing the ingredients of this bar I would. They are all natural and packed with protein and yummies. This will be perfect to throw in my purse or gym bag and looks nice and filling. It is also raw and organic.

Sun Cups Sunflower Butter and Dark Chocolate

Value: $1.67

I am super curious about these! They are organic, nut-free and gluten-free and they look heavenly! What a great option for people with nut-allergies! I’ve never had sunflower butter but I’m really excited to try out these chocolate cups.

Verdict: The value of this box is $22.01. I realize this isn’t a high-value box but I am still impressed by all of the snacks inside! A lot of these brands I have never seen in stores, so if you really are looking for some new gluten-free choices, I think this is a great option to help you make your life a little easier. I myself have already found a new tortilla-chip alternative after just one box from gfreely!

What did you think of this box? If you would like to sign up for gfreely click HERE.

Pawalla Pet Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Hey there!

I’m excited to share my Pawalla review with you today! Click play to watch my unboxing video or continue to read my written review below!


This box arrived by UPS and I couldn’t wait to see what the weenies thought of it! Pawalla delivers a great selection of yummy wet foods, treats, toys, and more for your dog or cat.


I couldn’t even get a good picture before Gilbert robbed the toy from the box!

The Box: Pawalla

The Cost: Deluxe box ($30/month) or Mini box ($20/month). Prices decrease if you subscribe to more months!


Bright Monkey Stick Toy

Value: $9.99

As you can see, this toy was an immediate hit. Anything with fluff and a squeaker and the weenies are ready to destroy it. Sadly, for such little dogs they demolish their toys very fast and this toy had its stuffing ripped out within hours. However, I wouldn’t blame this on the quality of the toy because it literally takes carbon fiber to deter my monsters.


Locomotion Pet Treats in Cheesy Flavor

Value: $2.25

I opened these treats up right away for the pups to try and they loved them! These cookies are super fresh and have a good supply of Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium and B Vitamins to keep your pets at the top of their game.


Pet Greens Lamb Training Treats- Semi Moist Li’l Treats

Value: $7.99

I was really excited to see these in the box because I will soon be starting puppy preschool with Glibert and will need some little training treats. I love the size of these treats not to mention they are heart-shaped AND there is a picture of a wiener dog on the package so major bonus points there. Cute!


Natural Balance- Healthy Bones- Turkey, Oatmeal & Cranberry

Value: $4.99

These treats have vitamin E and zinc in them to help keep your dogs coat shiny. Dexter and Gilbert are a little bit high maintenance and need non bite-size treats broken up for them, so I may be passing these on to my sister’s dog Mac. I’m sure he will love them!


Grizzly Pollock Oil Supplement

Value: $5.50

This product looks really interesting. I had never seen it before this so I did a bit of research online. It appears to be rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help maintain a healthy skin and coat, healthy joints, and are beneficial to nervous system and eyes. It is sourced from sustainable Wild Alaskan Pollock. I hope the boys will like this supplement because this is one I actually may be interested in giving them!


Canine Caviar- Green Venison Tripe Wet Dog Food

Value: $6.67

I was impressed by this wet food. It is grain free, gluten free, potato & corn free. There is only one type of protein so it is easier on dogs and cats tummies than a lot of wet foods. Dexter does has a relatively sensitive stomach so I am excited to see how he likes this food.

Verdict: The total value of this box was $37.39 which is more than the $30 cost. The bigger reason that I am excited about this box is that I discovered a wide array of products that I know I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I like to keep my dogs food pretty consistent but trying new treats is always fun for me and them! Not to mention that they go through toys like nobody’s business so I like the idea of getting a new surprise toy for them each month!

If you would like to sign up for Pawalla click HERE.

Did you guys like Pawalla as much as me and the weenies did?

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!

July Box a Day Month Sneak Peek!

Hi Lovelies πŸ™‚

As July is getting nearer, I’ve started receiving some of the boxes that I will be reviewing during my Box-a-Day feature in July! For those of you who didn’t see my last post, I will be having a feature on my blog during the month of July where I review a new subscription box everyday. I reached out to a variety of different companies to ask them if they would like to participate and received a great response! There will also be some giveaways going on through out the month along with heaps of coupon codes. I won’t be telling what boxes I will be reviewing ahead of time so you’ll have to tune in each day to see! But I thought I’d attach a little photo teaser of some of the boxes I’ve received so far!

Reviews will start July 1 and I am excited to share Box a Day month with you all πŸ™‚

(Big thanks to my ma who has been storing all of these boxes for me until I get home from traveling in a couple of weeks)


Disclaimer: All reviews during Box-a-Day month will be the opinion of the author. A Beautiful Twenty-Something Life will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. Posts may contain affiliate/referral links.

Fantastic Day in Potsdam

Hi guys πŸ™‚

Today I spent an amazing day in a city west of Berlin called Potsdam. The weather was so gorgeous and the city itself, incredibly charming. A large attraction in Potsdam is a huge garden with many castles and buildings where the Prussian kings used to live. We spent most of our day there soaking in the beautiful architecture and soaking up the sun. I thought I would share some pictures with you. Enjoy!







First Dinner in Berlin

Hello from Berlin!

We spent the whole day exploring different neighborhoods of Berlin. The city has so much history I can’t keep track but it truly is fascinating. We’ve lucked out on the weather so far and this evening was quite warm with a slight breeze. Tomorrow we are heading to MuseumInsel which means museum island in German. We tried this authentic German restaurant that exceptional so naturally, I took photos to share with you!


The restaurant was called Kurhaus Korsakow and is situated in the neighborhood of Boxhagener Platz (and I thought French was difficult to pronounce). I loved the ivy on the outside of the building and the ambiance inside was relaxed and comfortable.


The first course was a delicious thick potato soup that I think is quite popular in Germany. It’s one was super rich and creamy with pesto mixed in to it. It went quite nicely with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.


The second course was absolutely heavenly. It was a cheese spaetzel (a sort of German pasta) with this delicious creamy sauce mixed with peppers. There was also a salad on the side with cucumbers, radishes and some other seasonal greens. Somehow the dish managed not to be too heavy even though it was deliciously creamy and cheesy.

Lastly, I really wanted dessert (when do I not?) but my friends were both too full so I resisted temptation. Tomorrow I’m scoping out the best looking dessert I can find! Can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow.

Hope you are having a nice start to the week!