Bulu Box Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Hi beauties 🙂

Today’s review is for a company called Bulu Box that sends you vitamins, supplements and weight loss products each month!
If you’d like to see me open my box, watch my YouTube video below or scroll down to read my written review.


I love boxes that have inspiring words and encouraging messages on them, especially when they are helping you to achieve your goals!


The Box: Bulu Box

The Cost: $10/month

Bulu Box’s price can’t be beat and let’s be honest…can I please have that lady’s abs??


Powerbar Energy Perfomance Blend in Apple Mango Strawberry & Banana Blueberry

Value: $5.00

I am always happy to have more of these lying around. These blends are great as a pre/mid workout snack but are low enough in calories that they can be eaten guilt-free throughout the day too!


Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer

Value: $1.00

Did anyone else know that a coffee creamer packed with protein existed? If so I would have bought it for Tay along time ago. I drink my coffee black but Taylor is always loading it up with icky fake creamer and I would love to find him something equally as tasty that would benefit his workouts too.

Zellies Xylitol Mints

Value: $0.50

I did a bit of research on Xylitol and it apparently is all natural, tastes just like sugar but has 40% fewer calories. Studies have shown that it can protect and strengthen teeth, prevent decay, and help heal early cavities which are a huge fear of mine with my braces! These mints will go to immediate use.


Vivarin Caffeine Alertness Aid

Value: $0.50?

I am admittedly addicted to coffee so this will probably be passed on to Taylor. Vivarin is an alertness aid that contains the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee!

Erba Vita Acid Dietary Supplement

Value: $1.00

This product is completely GMO free and is vegetarian! It is a supplement that is meant to support a healthy digestive system and regulate your bodies pH.

Free Month to Daily Burn and $20 store credit

Value: $30.00

I was super excited to see this coupon in the box because I have heard of Daily Burn and I know they offer workout videos for anything from dance to weight lifting! One month to Daily Burn costs $10 and you get full access to all of their videos and online support. Cool!

Verdict: The value of this box was $18 not including the $20 in store credit to Daily Burn because I am not sure if that requires a minimum purchase. I’m really interested about all of the products that came in the box and I think they did a good job of including items that support all types of health. I also love the month to DailyBurn because it can be used by someone of any fitness level!

Want to give Bulu Box a shot? Click HERE and use code BULUGAN819 to get your first box free or $10 off your subscription!



Your Bijoux Box Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Hello beauties 🙂

This is my review of Your Bijoux Box a monthly subscription box that sends you 2-3 hand-curated jewelery pieces each month. To watch me open my Your Bijoux Box, click play on the video below or continue down to read my written review!


I loved the simple and sleek packaging of this box!


The Box: Your Bijoux Box

The Cost: $35/month

I already loved this box just because of it’s name (bijoux means jewelery in French)!


Dahlia Collar

Value: $58.00

I loved that each piece came in a beautiful, black velvet bag. When I picked up this bag I was impressed by the weight of the necklace! I can tell that the metal is good-quality and I absolutely love the pink/opalescent color of the stones. This is a statement piece that I can’t wait to show off.


Deco Strand with Matching Earrings

Value: $46.00 and $28.00

This necklace is different than any layering piece I’ve seen before. I love the fact that it is gold metal but that it is accented with lavender. I photographed this necklace looped twice but it could also be worn as one long strand just as beautifully. I am a bit picky about the length of my necklaces, so I was happy to see that both of the necklaces in this box were adjustable.


Bubble Bracelet (free with coupon code!)

Value: ?

I was so excited about this bracelet. I don’t know why but it is right up my style alley. I think this piece is so versatile as it would be darling with a bright colored dress during summer, or during autumn with a long-sleeve black shirt, scarf and boots. I can’t wait to rock this piece!


Here’s a better look at how the little bubbles hang. Cute!

Verdict: The value of this box was $142.00 not including the free bracelet! WOAH! Apart from the value,  you can tell that these pieces are high quality and will hold up well. I think that each piece was unique and provides a different look. If you are searching for a jewelery subscription service I think Your Bijoux Box would be a great option especially considering it’s only $35/month.

Did you enjoy this box? To sign up for Your Bijoux Box click HERE and use code beautiful1 to receive the darling bubble bracelet free in your first box!

This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!

Box Month Begins! Stunner of the Month Review & Subscription Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

July is finally here and you know what that means… Box Month! For those of you who haven’t yet heard, I decided to do a feature on my blog where I review a different subscription box everyday during the month of July! I have so many great subscription box services to share with you guys along with lots of coupon codes and giveaways! For each box I review, I will post a unboxing/first impression video followed by a more detailed blog post.

Let’s kickoff Box Month with my first review of Stunner of the Month!

Click play to watch the video below as I open the box, or continue to read my written review!


The fire on the box made me ready to have my socks knocked off! 😉

The Box: Stunner of the Month

The Cost: $9/month


These sunglasses are super fun! (If you want to see how they look on me watch the video above!) Not something I would ever pick out for myself but that’s why I love the idea of this box. Along with the sunglasses came a little key chain that has both a mini flat-head and philips-head screwdriver for tightening your sunglasses. This little key chain is pure gold. My sister and her boyfriend have already used it to tune up some of their old pairs of sunglasses.

Verdict: For only $9 a month I think this box is fantastic. What a fun way to try new sunglasses? If you’re anything like me, my sunglasses don’t ever last long due to the fact that they usually get sat on or fall off a boat (sigh). I think Stunner of the Month is a fun way to find new sunglasses that you may never have bought for yourself otherwise, and to keep your sunglasses stock full!

Did you like this box as much as I did? Good news… You can get your first month FREE by using the code trystunner when you sign up HERE.

Did you really like this box? Even more good news… The awesome people over at Stunner of the Month have agreed to giveaway one 6-month AND one 3-month subscription to Stunner of the Month to two of my lucky readers! This is a rafflecopter giveaway so cross your fingers and click on the link to enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!