Color Me Monthly Subscription Review! August 2013

Happy Friday!

Color Me Monthly is a subscription service that sends you a full-sized, high-quality nail polish each month from their signature color collection. CMM is focused on the quality of their polish not the prettiness of their packaging which I appreciate! So the package may not be darling, but you know the polish will be!


The Box: Color Me Monthly

The Cost: $7.00/month

All of CMM’s polishes are carcinogen-free, animal friendly and made in the USA!


This month’s color is Summer Tryst. I think this color is lovely and is great for this time of year because I can wear it for summer and it can carry over into the Autumn. I love that the card comes with a little swatch square so I can see the color immediately!

Verdict: Color Me Monthly is a great subscription box if you’re looking to build your polish collection a little bit at a time. This would also be a great little gift to brighten someones month. It’s not overly expensive and you’re getting what you pay for. I like this box! 🙂

Would you like to subscribe you or a friend to Color Me Monthly? Click HERE!

Hoop La Vintage Earrings Review

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a company with you guys called Hoop-La that makes custom, vintage earrings for a great price. After browsing all of the earrings, I found a pair that I myself need to have. They are called Essie and have a fun, unique shape that could be dressed-up or dressed-down.

These Essie earrings are offered in 18 different colors but I like Taupe the best for myself. My wardrobe consists of a lot of color so I tend to wear jewelry that is more neutral, though I love big statement pieces. The taupe color is very classy and has tarnished accents that would make these earrings pop against your skin or hair, but would go nicely with almost any other color.
I would wear these earrings paired up with dark wash jeans and a cute bold colored blazer; I wouldn’t even need a necklace! However, if you tend to wear more neutral colors in your wardrobe, you could choose a different color of the Essie earring that would add a little pop of color to your outfit.

I like that all of Hoop La’s earrings are completely free of nickel and lead so you don’t need to worry about them discoloring or infecting your ears. I don’t think that jewelry has to be super expensive to be nice, in fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite! But, quality is important to me, especially when it has to do with something coming in contact with my skin, so I’m glad Hoop La takes that seriously. The gal that founded Hoop La is just like you and me; she started a family and found this business as a creative outlet. Her pieces are darling and very affordable. Head over to her website to have a look!

Art Snacks Subscription Review! July 2013

Hello guys!

Ready for another review? Today’s review is for Art Snacks, a cool new subscription box company that sends 4-5 high quality art & drawing supplies to your door each month! Check out my unboxing video click play on the video below or read on to see my written review.


I think their pencil/pretzel logo is so cute! It fits the theme and name of the box perfectly 🙂


The Box: Art Snacks

The Cost: $20/month


Moleskine Volant Mini Notebooks Set of 2

Value: $5.99

I love the Moleskine brand so I was happy to see these in the box. For someone who is an artist these would be great for sketching or jotting down ideas here and there. For someone like me, (who sadly is a bit less artistic) they will still be great to toss in my purse for writing notes and making lists!


Prismacolor Premier Art Marker

Value: $3.00

This is a really cool double-sided marker that is specifically designed to add shadow and dimension to your drawings! The color is really pretty and I will definitely use this for my sign making.


Le Pen in Brown

Value: $1.69

I loved this pen from the get go just for it’s cute, little french name. It has a very fine tip and is specifically designed not to fray so you can get a precise line during it’s whole life. I personally wasn’t crazy about the brown color, but this will still get used no question.


ZIG Clean Color Real Brush in Green

Value: $3.30

I was really excited about this pen/brush! The color is gorgeous and it seriously feels like a real paintbrush when you use it. These pens are different than others like them because the tip is a real brush that is filled with a water color paint.


Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil

Value: $1.00

I recognized this pencil immediately because my mom used to use them when she was in architecture. These pencils do not smudge and stay nice and sharp which is actually perfect for me and my chemistry notes 🙂


Here is a swatch of all of the writing utensils in the box!

Verdict: All though the value of this box is a bit lower than the purchase price, I was still really impressed with the quality and variety of items in the box. As someone who isn’t super good at art, I will still use every item that came inside. In addition, someone who really does enjoy art would get great use out of all of these supplies! (I know because my friend Cyrielle told me 🙂 ) I think it’s neat that these products are coming from all over the world and are hand picked by art professionals.

What did you think of Art Snacks? If you’d like to sign up for Art Snacks and feed your creative juices click HERE!



Color Me Monthly Subscription Review!

Hello everybody 🙂
Hope you all are enjoying the sun as much as I am!

Today’s review is of Color Me Monthly, a monthly subscription box for cute, high-quality nail polish! If you’d like to see me open my box, click play on the video below or you can scroll down to read my review.


The Box: Color Me Monthly

The Cost: $7/month

I loved the no b.s. approach to their packaging. They’re here to give you nail polish, and they do just that! All of CMM’s polish is non-toxic, carcinogen-free, eco-friendly, never tested on animals and made in the USA! Each month CMM will send you one bottle of high-quality polish!


This color knocked my socks off! It is a super rich, dandelion, yellow. I love that it came with a little card that had a poem to go with the name of the color. I probably wouldn’t wear this color on my fingernails but definitely would on my toes. And, it’s a great color for doing fun designs!

Verdict: Color Me Monthly is the perfect box for doing exactly what it says it will do, send you one bottle of high-quality polish every month. I love that the color is a surprise and I feel good that it is free of toxins and made in the USA!

Would you like to sign up to Color Me Monthly? Click HERE to check out their site!

This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!