Blush Box Subscription Review & Giveaway!

Hi my lovely readers πŸ™‚

This is a review for an adult subscription box company called Blushbox that sends you sensual, sultry, fashionable, and fun surprises to help you indulge in your sexy side! As this is an adult subscription box, please read on only if you are 18 years or older.


BlushBox is a quarterly subscription and I had the opportunity to review the Summer Box which showed up towards the end of July!


The Box: Blushbox

The Cost: $99/quarter or $49/quarter for the mini box

All of the products they send you are stylish and tasteful; Blushbox is focused on helping you reveal your fun, sexy side!


Nicaragua Jewelry Project Bracelet

Value: $5-10?

Seeing this necklace really made me happy, 100% of the proceeds from these bracelets go towards helping the women who made them out of poverty. Now that’s sexy! It also made me feel a little more casual about this intimate subscription box which is great, it’s supposed to be fun!


Mad Mac Scoop-Neck Camisole

Value: $52.00

This camisole is so pretty and delicate! This set came with a matching thong and headband (see below) and I think this set is classy and sexy. All of Mad Mac’s products are made in the USA and the lace is very soft.



Mad Mac Low-rise Thong & Lace Headband

Value: $18.00 & $16.00

I love that this thong matches the cami, but it still has a separate pop of color that makes it fresh and fabulous. The headband can be worn by itself or with the other pieces. It doesn’t squeeze my head too hard like some headbands do, super comfy!


Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Bar (Sample Size) & Luna Chapstick in Vanilla Almond

Value: $4.00?

I love Luna Bar and I didn’t even know they made chapstick, the flavor sounds delicious πŸ™‚ This is another thing that was nice to see in the box. Let’s face it… Chapped lips are not sexy!


Sliquid Lubricant in ‘H20’ & ‘Sea’

Value: $2.00

These lubricants are glycerin and paraben free, and are also vegan-friendly. I was a little surprised to see the title of one was Sea, it made me think of salt-water but maybe I’m just crazy! All Sliquid products are made in the USA.

Firming Body Bronzer by Booty Parlor

Value: $1.00

I think the name Booty Parlor is so cute and clever. This bronzer contains pheromones and is supposed to match any skin tone, I’ll be curious to try it! It has a light jasmine scent and is supposed to help firm your skin.


BCute Classic Discreet Massager

Value: $24.99

I would say this is mostly self-explanatory, but here’s a few facts: This massager is smooth, Hypo-allergenic, Latex free
and waterproof. BCute wants to help you try new things and be spontaneous!

Verdict: The estimated value of this box was $124, much higher than the cost. I felt really good after opening this box, it was tasteful and classy while still fulfilling all the expectations I would have of an adult subscription box. I think a lot of people are intimidated about trying a box like BlushBox but why not have a little fun and spice things up? This box made me feel feminine and sensual, not vulgar or uncomfortable.

Would you like to sign up for BlushBox? Click HERE, I’m sure your significant other will thank you! πŸ™‚

Also, BlushBox has kindly agreed to allow me to host a giveaway on my blog so that one of you can win your own BlushBox! Thank you BlushBox! If you’re feeling a little hesitant about an intimate subscription box or if you want to try it out 100%, this is a perfect opportunity to enter to win your own box for yourself! Click on the link below to enter the giveaway.

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Petit Vour Subscription Review & Giveaway! July 2013

Happy Saturday!

Today’s review is for a company called Petit Vour who is a 100% cruelty-free, vegan beauty box! To watch me open my box from Petit Vour, click on the video below or scroll on down to see my written review!



Each month Petit Vour sends you a selection of skin and beauty products that are all natural, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. I was really excited to review this box!


The Box: Petit Vour

The Cost: $15/month

Petit Vour works with the best companies from all around who put time, research & love into their products, without harming animals or having exploitative labor.


Sumbody Soap & Coupon Code for 10% off purchase (Code: PETITVOUR)

Value: $1.98

This soap smells lovely and would go perfectly in a guest bathroom. It’s made with shea and cocoa butter so it’s supposed to be extra hydrating and soft on your skin.


MUN Aknari Oil

Value: $6.33

I received this oil in my Green Grab Bag earlier this month and I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. However, it sounds like a miracle product and is supposed to be applied before bed to smooth and soften the skin and diminish signs of aging.


Tangerine and Calendula Cream by Kimberly Sayer

Value: $2.40

I will admit that I had never heard of Calendula before but I learned that it is a healing flower that works wonders on your skin. Combined with the tangerine, this night cream is supposed to soothe and detoxify your skin.



Dr. Remedy’s Enriched Nail Polish

Value: $17.00

I have never heard of Dr. Remedy’s before, but this nail polish formula looks amazing. The color is a beautiful, pure red and the polish contains wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender to nourish your nails. And it’s formaldehyde free! I can’t wait to try this.


Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Eye Pencil

Value: $16.95

I love the bright pop of this blue eye liner. I forgot to take a picture of the swatch for you guys but this applies super smooth and feels creamy, but doesn’t look to thick or heavy.

Verdict: The value of this box was $44.66, almost three times the cost! I only recognized one of the products which makes me happy because I love trying new brands, especially that are all natural and cruelty-free! I really enjoyed this box and it’s clear that Petit Vour really takes their mission of providing quality, green products seriously. 10 out of 10 from me!

Want to sign up for Petit Vour? Click HERE!

Also, Petit Vour has kindly allowed me to host a giveaway on my blog so that one of you can win your own box from Petit Vour! If you’d like to enter the giveaway, click on the link below and follow the instructions. Good luck!

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MistoBox Subscription Review & Giveaway! July 2013

Hey everybody!

It’s Thursday evening which means that it will be my birthday in a couple of hours…eek! I figured there was no better way to spend my birthday eve than to share a review with my lovely readers πŸ™‚

This review is for a monthly subscription service called MistoBox who sends 4 different hand-selected coffee samples to your door each month. If you’d like to watch me open my MistoBox, click play on the video below or scroll down to read my written review!


When I was reading about MistoBox, I wanted to see what set it apart from other coffee subscription services. I think that MistoBox is really geared towards finding you a coffee that you love. They send you 4 different coffees each month and when you find one that’s right for you, they offer free shipping on their site for a full size bag!


The Box: MistoBox

The Cost: $15/month (small box) or $30/month (large box)

I saw that you can get your first box for only $5 (small box) or $10 (large box), that’s an awesome price!


Finca Las Delicias Natural from Water Avenue Coffee

Water Avenue Coffee is based out of Portland, Oregon. I thought this was the cooloest fact ever: “Owner Brandon Smyth roasts all the coffee on a 1974 French Samiac 20-Kilo roaster.” I would love to visit their factory just to see how that process works. Tasting Notes: Fruit Forward, Sweet, Refined

Gelana Abaya from OQ Coffee Co. in Highland Park, New Jersey

All of the coffees from OQ Coffee Company are single origin that are sourced directly. This particular coffee comes from Ethiopia, how cool is that?Β  The owner wanted to share his passion for coffee and create a feeling of community when he founded OQ Coffee Co.Β  Tasting Notes: Heavily Fruity, Sweet, Intense.


Elida Estate Coffee from Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California

I must mention that the prices of all of these coffees vary. This coffee has the decadent flavors of Berries and Mango. Although I admit that I’m struggling to imagine this combination of flavors in a coffee, I’m excited to try it and see what I think! I thought it was crazy that in 2007 Verve Coffee Roasters only had 4 employees and now they are sourcing coffee from all over the world and kicking butt!

Guatemala Atitlan from Cartel Coffee Lab

This is the coffee I am most excited to try. Cartel Coffee Lab is based in Phoenix, Arizona and sources their coffee from all over the world. Tasting Notes: Grape Acidity, Milk Chocolate, Balanced. Doesn’t that sound unique and yummy?

Verdict: I really liked this box! In one box I received coffee from Guatemala, Panama, Ethiopia and El Salvador. The amount of coffee I received is enough to brew 40 cups of coffee. That’s a lot of coffee! MistoBox focuses on finding the best roasters around the nation and wants to find you a coffee that you love (great for us creatures of habit who are trying to branch out a bit). I think the price of MistoBox is very reasonable for the quality and it’s cool that they offer free shipping if you decide to buy a full-size bag of one of the coffee’s!

Want to sign up for MistoBox? Click HERE! Also, the awesome folks at MistoBox are allowing me to host a giveaway for a 3-month subscription to MistBox for one of my lucky readers! The giveaway will be run through Rafflecopter like always, so click on the link below and get to entering!

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A Horse Box Subscription Review & Giveaway!

Happy Monday my beautiful readers!

I have a very cool and unique box to share with you today: A Horse Box!

A Horse Box is the first monthly subscription service of its kind that sends high quality equestrian products for you and your horse right to your door! To watch me open my A Horse Box, click play on the video below or scroll down to read my written review.


The Box: A Horse Box

The Cost: $25-30/month

I was so excited to check out this box and it came at the perfect time! My sister’s horse Miranda just had a new baby and Emilee has named him Gus. He is absolutely darling!


Gus right after he was born!


Celliant No Show Socks

Value: $15.00

These socks are fantastic for keeping your feet dry and fresh. There is also plenty of cushion in the toe which will be great for riding. I don’t ride horses anymore, and although I could probably get plenty of use out of these socks myself, I’ll pass them on to Em to enjoy.


Majesty’s Flex Wafers

Value: $25.95

This is a full size pack that contains 30 wafers! These are all natural and are recommended for support of bones, joints and cartilage and are supposed to be tasty for your horsey.



Bio Groom Waterless Shampoo

Value: $3.50

This quick clean shampoo will be great for touch ups at shows or in between baths, you can use it with no water and it is great for all coat colors. This shampoo was also made in the USA and contains lanolin to condition your horse’s skin and coat!


Herballs from Hilton Herbs

Value: $1.25

These little treats look tasty and are completely guilt free (for the owner) because they are made with flavorful, healthy ingredients and have no added sugar or molasses!


Original Bugg Off

Value: $1.00

This bug repellent is 100% natural, I recognized all of the ingredients inside. This will be great for Gus because he doesn’t seem quite ready to wear a fly mask yet and they’re driving him nuts!

Bardsley’s White Wash

Value: $2.00

This wash is perfect for dapple gray or white horses (like Miranda). They always manage to get grass stains on their legs and toosh and a lot of shampoo’s stain their coats blue. This white wash will brighten the coat and mane without staining so I’m excited for Em to try this out on Miranda.


Herbsmith Sound Horse Linament

Value: $2.50

I thought it was neat that this Linament contains witch hazel which has been known for hundreds of years to have healing and soothing properties. This blend contains menthol which would be very effective and refreshing on the horse’s legs and it doesn’t require leg wraps!

Verdict: All in all I was very impressed with A Horse Box. I feel confident that all of these products whether for the horse or the owner are high quality, healthy and safe. The value of this box was $51.22 which is more than double the cost so there is no question that you receive a lot for your money. Emilee is very excited to try some of these products out with the baby and Miranda and I think this just may have to be a Christmas or birthday gift for her πŸ™‚

Do you own or ride horses? Would you like a chance to win A Horse Box for yourself or a friend? Well here is your chance! A Horse Box has kindly allowed me to host a giveaway to win a one month subscription to A Horse Box. Just click on the rafflecopter link below and get to entering! Also, if you’d like to sign up to A Horse Box or to learn more about their company, click HERE!

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Surprise Giveaway for Escape Monthly!

Hello lovelies πŸ™‚

I know it’s Sunday and I will indeed have a box review up later this afternoon. But, because you guys are so awesome, I thought it was time for a surprise giveaway! Today’s giveaway was made possible by Escape Monthly, a new subscription service that gives you a little ‘me time’ each month.


Each month has a different destination themed box that includes a large variety of luxury products. And the coolest part… each month one lucky subscriber will win a trip to that destination!

What do you think? I’d definitely love to check out this box! If you’d like a chance to receive Escape Monthly’s first box in August, enter in the Rafflecopter widget below!

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Sparkplay Subscription Box Review & Giveaway!

Hello everybody! TGIF!

I’m excited to share my review with you all today πŸ™‚ Today’s company is called SparkPlay. SparkPlay is a company that each month creates a fun, themed Adventure Play Pack for your kids to enjoy! Watch me open my SparkPlay box below or head on down to see my written review!


I do not have kids myself, but my sisters kids are the perfect age to enjoy a play pack like this! This box could not have come at a better time as they are coming over this weekend. I can’t wait to get some pictures!


The Box: SparkPlay

The Cost: $29.99 for 1-month/ as low as $19.99 when you subscribe for 12 months

SparkPlay created these boxes to create quality play time for you and your kids to enjoy while encouraging creativity and imagination. Each month they send a new pack that can be set up and taken down in only 90 seconds, but played with over and over again. In addition, they send a great list of activity ideas to get the whole family involved!

This months theme was an awesome Rock and Roll Concert!


I need Wessin or Sayler here so that I can have them model this wig for you! (More pictures will come) This is a fun, crazy wig that is perfect for a concert!


I love that this pack doesn’t just have one dress up item in it, there is a big variety which allows the kids to choose what they like. I thought this mesh glove was awesome and was tempted to steal it for myself (never know when there might be an 80’s party) but I resisted.


First of all these glasses are awesome. They totally reminded me of LMFAO. I can’t wait to see one of the kids wearing these while they’re rocking out for us! Also, I loved that they included tickets to the concert. It’s a great way to encourage friends and family to be involved as well and teaches your kids to be confident and interact with people.


Here’s the best two items, I have a feeling my ears will be ringing at the end of this weekend, but that’s okay! I love the fact that this Adventure Play Pack had a microphone and a recorder! This isn’t a sibling play pack and yet two kids will be able to play with it without feeling left out or excluded!


Finally, this is such a simple item but a really important one too! This is a nice little canvas tote with a drawstring top that will allow all of the items to be put away and stored until the kids want to play with them again. I can imagine having a large collection of Adventure Packs in the closet and having the kids be able to choose which one they want to play with.

Verdict: I love this box! I can already imagine my sister’s kids enjoying this playpack this weekend. I really like the fact that SparkPlay is encouraging the whole family to have fun and get involved with these activities! I will definitely have my sister take some pictures this weekend so you guys can see this Adventure Play Pack in action. If you’d like a fun, convenient way to play and enjoy time with your kids, I think this box would be a great idea for you!

Would you like to sign you and your kids up for SparkPlay? Click HERE. Also, Spark Play was nice enough to allow me to host a giveaway for one of my readers to win an awesome Adventure Play Pack! Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win!

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Unmentionably Cheeky Subscription Review & Giveaway!

Happy Monday everybody!

Today’s review is for a subscription service called Unmentionably Cheeky, a box that sends you 3 pairs of fun, flirty and feminine panties each month! If you’d like to watch my unboxing video, click on the link below or continue down to read my written review!


The Box: Unmentionably Cheeky

The Cost: $8.00/month

I loved the sleek, pretty packaging!


I love the colors of this pair and the lace is really pretty and feminine.


These are fun and different. I like that they are still flirty and fun even with more coverage!


These were my favorite pair in the package. The lace is super soft and comfy and I love the flirty cut!

Verdict: So…three pairs of darling panties for $8?? I’m in! I love that each pair is different and fun. The fabric feels soft and high quality. UM Cheeky is right up my alley and would be a fun gift for a best friend or a girlfriend.

Want to sign up for UM Cheeky? Click HERE to head to their site!

Also, UM Cheeky has kindly agreed to giveaway a one-month subscription of their service to one of my lucky readers! Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below to have a chance to win!

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