A Kitchen Box Subscription Review! August 2013

Hey guys!

A Kitchen Box is a newer subscription service that sends you a box filled with culinary items based on a monthly theme. I was so excited to try this box, it’s perfect for the foodie in everyone!


The box just looks so chic and sophisticated, last month’s theme was cheese, so I couldn’t wait to see what this months theme was!


The Box: A Kitchen Box

The Cost: $89/quarter (3 months of boxes)

Each month, A Kitchen Box will send you an inspired box with a special culinary theme. Each box includes something for you to see, taste, learn and try. With each subscription, you’ll also receive three weeks of kitchen inspiration by email, such as recipe ideas, kitchen inspiration and artisan interviews. A Kitchen Box isn’t just for the experienced foodie, but also for people wanting to dip their toes into the culinary world.


This month’s theme…Cocktail Box! First, I have to say that the packaging of this box was some of the cutest I have seen yet. Everything was so cutely and carefully wrapped. I received a cute, veggie postcard and a free song download, perfect for dancing to in the kitchen. In addition, two beautifully hand-pressed recipe cards for a Bloody Mary and a non-alcoholic Ginger Beer.


Citrus Reamer

Value: $5.00

This is a total must-have for cocktails! I love this little wooden citrus reamer; it is designed to get the most juice out of your fruit while dislodging the seeds!


Cocktail Muddler

Value: $8.00

Coming from a girl who loves mojitos, this tool is perfect for me. This helps to release oils from citrus fruits and herbs to create a delicious flavored cocktail. And I think it’s so cute, like a mini-baseball bat that is the perfect size for my weiner dogs 😉


Mini Tabasco

Value: $1.00

I can’t use this Tabasco on principle because it is so stinkin small and cute. I like that they included it for the bloody mary’s, but I think I’ll hang on to it and let it decorate my bar.


Salinity Finishing Salts

Value: $5.00

Salinity Salts is a company based out of Oregon who sources their salt from Guerande, France which is the region where I lived! So, I was already sold by that. However, these two finishing combinations are really intriguing and I can’t wait to whip up a couple of cocktails to give them a try.


Flour Sack Towel & Bamboo Cocktail Picks

Value: $6.00

These little picks are so cute. I love that they are long because I like to load my Bloody Mary’s up with seafood and veggies. They were a very nice touch to the box. The flour sack towel is super simple and soft and I am always happy to have another dish towel on hand!

Verdict: I think I may have a new box love! I already love the two themes A Kitchen Box has had; A Cheese box and a Cocktail box? They’re certainly off to a good start! My mother will absolutely love this box so I thank A Kitchen Box for solving one Christmas present idea months in advance. I don’t feel that any of the items in the box are too advanced that an average kitchen Joe couldn’t use them. However, they are still fun and inspiring for the foodie who needs some new adventures in the kitchen.

Want to sign up for A Kitchen Box? (Or be the best son/daughter and sign up your mom? 🙂 ) Click HERE to subscribe now!

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