Chaussure Boite Subscription Review & Coupon Code! July 2013

Hey Everyone!

Can you believe it’s already August? As you have probably noticed, box month is not over yet! I decided to not cram all of the box reviews into July because I wanted to give each company my full time and attention and do a thorough review for you guys. Alas, box month shall be continuing until mid-August so keep reading!

Today’s review is for a company called Chaussure Boite, (french for shoe box, I like this box already!) who sends all sorts of style and fashion accessories to your box each month.

If you’d like to watch me open my Chaussure Boite box, watch the video below! Or, scroll down to read my written review.


The Box: Chaussure Boite

The Cost: $35/month

Chaussure Boite‘s goal is to help support small business owners and make their dreams a reality. I really love when companies use their influence to discover new businesses and introduce them to a bigger audience. I was super excited to see what accessories would be included in my box!


Necklace and Earring Set

Value: Approx $20.00

I wasn’t able to find this exact set in the Chaussure Boite Shop so I estimated the value based on the other pieces. This is a really darling set. I typically don’t wear matching earring and necklace combos and I love the fact that these are both statement pieces that would be darling on their own. The stones are a soft, clear pink color and I was happy to see that the necklace has an adjustable clasp.


Here’s a closer look at these super cute earrings! These will look great with a smooth ponytail.


Handmade Clutch by A. Nicole Divine Designs

Value: $20.00

Again, I guessed on this value based on the quality of the materials and cuteness factor. A. Nicole handmakes her products to fit your exact request! I love the body color of this clutch, it’s a metallic gold but is almost matte so it doesn’t look tacky. I also really like how well the orange goes with the gold and the interior matches the handle fabric!


Cute Socks

Value: $3.50

I don’t know where these socks came from but I love the pattern! I’m a sucker for cute socks and am always happy to add another pair to my collection. The colors are super vibrant and remind me of sailing.

Verdict: I’m really pleased with the items that I received in my July Chaussure Boite box! I do however, wish that they would have provided a bit more information about each of the products in the box. They are a new company so I’m sure they are still making changes as they grow. I think the mix of products is very diverse and everything that was included in my box was totally my style. I’d be interested to see what other businesses will be included in the future boxes!

If you’d like to get 10% off your first box click HERE to sign up. In addition you can use the code ILUVCBBA to get 20% off your $10 purchase in the Chaussure Boite shop!


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