A Horse Box Subscription Review & Giveaway!

Happy Monday my beautiful readers!

I have a very cool and unique box to share with you today: A Horse Box!

A Horse Box is the first monthly subscription service of its kind that sends high quality equestrian products for you and your horse right to your door! To watch me open my A Horse Box, click play on the video below or scroll down to read my written review.


The Box: A Horse Box

The Cost: $25-30/month

I was so excited to check out this box and it came at the perfect time! My sister’s horse Miranda just had a new baby and Emilee has named him Gus. He is absolutely darling!


Gus right after he was born!


Celliant No Show Socks

Value: $15.00

These socks are fantastic for keeping your feet dry and fresh. There is also plenty of cushion in the toe which will be great for riding. I don’t ride horses anymore, and although I could probably get plenty of use out of these socks myself, I’ll pass them on to Em to enjoy.


Majesty’s Flex Wafers

Value: $25.95

This is a full size pack that contains 30 wafers! These are all natural and are recommended for support of bones, joints and cartilage and are supposed to be tasty for your horsey.



Bio Groom Waterless Shampoo

Value: $3.50

This quick clean shampoo will be great for touch ups at shows or in between baths, you can use it with no water and it is great for all coat colors. This shampoo was also made in the USA and contains lanolin to condition your horse’s skin and coat!


Herballs from Hilton Herbs

Value: $1.25

These little treats look tasty and are completely guilt free (for the owner) because they are made with flavorful, healthy ingredients and have no added sugar or molasses!


Original Bugg Off

Value: $1.00

This bug repellent is 100% natural, I recognized all of the ingredients inside. This will be great for Gus because he doesn’t seem quite ready to wear a fly mask yet and they’re driving him nuts!

Bardsley’s White Wash

Value: $2.00

This wash is perfect for dapple gray or white horses (like Miranda). They always manage to get grass stains on their legs and toosh and a lot of shampoo’s stain their coats blue. This white wash will brighten the coat and mane without staining so I’m excited for Em to try this out on Miranda.


Herbsmith Sound Horse Linament

Value: $2.50

I thought it was neat that this Linament contains witch hazel which has been known for hundreds of years to have healing and soothing properties. This blend contains menthol which would be very effective and refreshing on the horse’s legs and it doesn’t require leg wraps!

Verdict: All in all I was very impressed with A Horse Box. I feel confident that all of these products whether for the horse or the owner are high quality, healthy and safe. The value of this box was $51.22 which is more than double the cost so there is no question that you receive a lot for your money. Emilee is very excited to try some of these products out with the baby and Miranda and I think this just may have to be a Christmas or birthday gift for her 🙂

Do you own or ride horses? Would you like a chance to win A Horse Box for yourself or a friend? Well here is your chance! A Horse Box has kindly allowed me to host a giveaway to win a one month subscription to A Horse Box. Just click on the rafflecopter link below and get to entering! Also, if you’d like to sign up to A Horse Box or to learn more about their company, click HERE!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


8 thoughts on “A Horse Box Subscription Review & Giveaway!

  1. Ooh thanks for sharing. Never knew there was a box for us horse nuts. Thinking a great gift for my daughter and our 4 legged pasture pals :). Great idea.

  2. Didn’t realize there was a giveaway when I read it – too busy being excited that there’s even a giveaway for horsey people. Just entered and one of the horsey’s in my life is Peanut Butter Taffy an appendix quarter horse 🙂

  3. Love this! Now if we could just combine Birchbox with a Horsebox… The lovely mare in my life is a Friesian Sport Horse named Sweet Vengance =)

  4. Thanks to being a subscriber of A Horse Box, I find more awesome sites than I could find on my own! Yours is great! Loved your review, so easy to follow! My once in a lifetime horse was Okechobee. He is running at Rainbow Bridge, but we shared many trials and tribulations as he was there for me during most of my teenage life… RIP Okey….I miss ya boy! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

  5. This is such a nice box for the horse and owner!!! ^_^ Im def signing up for the giveaway for me and my horse Copper (quarterhorse),,and congrats on Gus!!^_^

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