Orange Glad Subscription Review & Coupon Code! July 2013

Hey guys!

Today’s review is for a new company called Orange Glad that sends you delicious baked treats and confections from different sweet shops across the nation!

Want to watch me drooling over my goodies? Watch the video below! Or scroll down to read my written review.


I am a huge sucker for baked goodies and I love baking so I was excited to check this box out.


The Box: Orange Glad

The Cost:  $15/month


Chocolate Bark from The Secret Chocolatier

Value: Approx $4.00

The Secret Chocolatier is a family of confectionary artists based in North Carolina. This bark is a yummy combo of chocolate and toffee. It’s nice and crunchy but melts in your mouth.


Complete Peanutbutterness

Value: $5.00

Oh. My. Goodness. This cookie was drop dead delicious. Hand crafted by Yummés in Ohio it literally was one of the best peanut butter cookie, chocolaty creations I have ever tasted.


Twenty Pixels Handmade Button Pack

Value: $2.00

I thought these were a really cute addition to the box. Although they aren’t edible, they fit in nicely with the theme and I didn’t feel as though I was getting less snacks because they were included.


Fat Witch Brownie

Value: $2.95

This brownie was pretty exceptional. I loved how moist and chewy it was, yet it wasn’t falling apart. It actually was pretty heavy, I feel like I got my brownies worth!


Smore Bites from Sweet Lydia’s

Value: $4.75

I thought these were the cutest little snacks. They would make such great party favors! My sister and her boyfriends ate all of these before I got a taste but these said they were very soft and yummy. When I looked at Sweet Lydia’s site I was really impressed that you can customize your s’mores from the type of graham cracker all the way to the color of the ribbon on the box.


Alice’s Stick Cookies

Value: $9.95

I haven’t tried these yet, but they look like they would be really tasty with tea. I thought the packaging was so darling. I wasn’t able to find a lot of additional information about the company on the website but I will definitely give these cookies a try and let you know what I think!

Verdict: I would order this box in a heartbeat. I loved the big mix of goodies that I received and they all were delicious. In addition, the box’s value was nearly $30, almost double the cost. I absolutely love discovering new companies and who doesn’t enjoy tasting new sweets? This box would be a great gift for a friend, neighbor or really for anyone who needs a little pick me up in their life.

Would you like to subscribe to Orange Glad? Click HERE and use code TWENTYSOMETHING to get 10% off your subscription!


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