Flicker Box Subscription Review & Coupon Code! July 2013

Hey everybody 🙂

I’m excited to share today’s review with you! The company I’m reviewing is called Flicker box, a new subscription service based in Chicago that sends you hand-picked candles every month from artisans in the U.S..

Want to watch me open my Flicker box? Click on the video below! Or scroll down to keep reading.


I think their logo is so cute! The box was packed full and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I love candles and have one in almost every room of my house.


The Box: Flicker Box

The Cost: $32/month (price goes down with longer subscriptions)

The box included a really informative card that tells a little about each company and their philosophy on candles.


Armadilla Wax Works Votive Candles and Votive Glass

Value: $5.20

I couldn’t believe it when I read that these little candles burn for 15 hours! Armadilla Wax Works has such a great reputation and they’ve been handmaking their candles for more then 40 years so I’m very excited to light these babies up.


Coconut & Hibiscus Soy Candle by Pure Palette Scents

Value: $14.95

These candles are hand-poured with love in Virginia. The soy is non-GMO and kosher and the wicks are 100% cotton. This candle smells delicious and will be perfect in my bathroom.


Aloha Bay 12-pack Unscented Tea Lights

Value: $4.70

All of Aloha Bays candles are made from 100% organic Eco Palm Wax which is sourced from sustainable and socially responsible palm groves in South America. How neat is that? I can always use more tea lights so it was nice to see these in the box.


Beach Boardwalk Soy Candle by Gritty City Candles

Value: $18.00

I must correct my video comment about Gritty City candles being left out of the box. Originally, I though this candle was by one of the other companies and that Gritty City had been forgotten! I checked out their website and gritty city has a very fun and spunky feel to their candles. I love all of the vintage packaging and photos they have on their candles.


Travel Jar Candle by Aloha Bay in Sunrise

Value: $3.30

I struggled not to try eating this candle when I smelt it. It’s a delicious smelling blend of Orange and Pomegranate and will smell lovely in my kitchen. I also love that this candle came with a cute lid to help preserve the scent!

Verdict: This was such a fun box! I love all of the scents that I received and I think the unscented tea lights were a nice addition as well. I would never be able to discover all of these small companies on my own so I’m really happy that Flicker box is out there looking for artisan candle makers that have a passion for creating candles.

Would you like to sign up for Flicker box? Click HERE and be sure to use code BEAUTY10 to receive 10% off your 3, 6 or 12 month subscription! 


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