Hoop La Vintage Earrings Review

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a company with you guys called Hoop-La that makes custom, vintage earrings for a great price. After browsing all of the earrings, I found a pair that I myself need to have. They are called Essie and have a fun, unique shape that could be dressed-up or dressed-down.

These Essie earrings are offered in 18 different colors but I like Taupe the best for myself. My wardrobe consists of a lot of color so I tend to wear jewelry that is more neutral, though I love big statement pieces. The taupe color is very classy and has tarnished accents that would make these earrings pop against your skin or hair, but would go nicely with almost any other color.
I would wear these earrings paired up with dark wash jeans and a cute bold colored blazer; I wouldn’t even need a necklace! However, if you tend to wear more neutral colors in your wardrobe, you could choose a different color of the Essie earring that would add a little pop of color to your outfit.

I like that all of Hoop La’s earrings are completely free of nickel and lead so you don’t need to worry about them discoloring or infecting your ears. I don’t think that jewelry has to be super expensive to be nice, in fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite! But, quality is important to me, especially when it has to do with something coming in contact with my skin, so I’m glad Hoop La takes that seriously. The gal that founded Hoop La is just like you and me; she started a family and found this business as a creative outlet. Her pieces are darling and very affordable. Head over to her website to have a look!


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