Healthy Surprise Subscription Review!

Hi guys!

I can’t believe how fast July has passed us by. I hope you are enjoying box month!

Today’s review is for Healthy Surprise, a company that sends you full-size, healthy snacks to your door every month!

To see my first-impression of this box, watch the video below, or scroll on down to read my review πŸ™‚


This box was nice and heavy and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I’ve had such a great time discovering new, healthy snack brands and I wanted to see what Healthy Surprise had to offer!


The Box: Healthy Surprise

The Cost: $33-$99/month depending on size of box


Lydia’s Organics Rawkin Beet Chips Spicy

Value: $6.25

There are so many delicious veggies in these chips! I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to spiciness so I may make Tay try them but these could be a great alternative to potato chips!


Just Tomatoes

Value: $2.35

I actually love raw tomatoes but don’t eat them as often as I should because I get lazy and don’t want to cut them. Sad I know. I’ll be very interested to try these dehydrated tomatoes and hope they are flavorful just like fresh ones. They have a great supply of Vitamin C & A and would be a great, on the go snack or as part of a lunch.


NibNaks Crancherry Tart

Value: $2.25

Only ingredients: almonds, natural pitted cherries and cranberries ‘NUFF SAID

Just Great Stuff Cacao Acai Bar

Value: $2.00

This bar sounds so tasty and it is packed with antioxidants. I love a good chocolate and fruit combo so I’m excited to try this!


Hail Merry Macaroons Strawberry

Value: $5.00

I was so thrilled to see these in the box! I became obsessed with macaroons while I was in France and anything that tastes yummy and helps me miss France less is ok with me! It’s great that these are gluten-free and vegan too!


Plum Kids Organic Mashups Berry

Value: $1.00

I love these little squeezy snacks! This pack is way lower in sugar than a lot of brands I’ve seen and it’s made from 100% organic fruits and veggies. Yummy!

Gorge Delights Just Fruit Bar

Value: $1.50

The flavor combo of Pear Strawberry sounds delicious! They are a great source of fiber and would be perfect for an on-the-go snack.


Beanitos White Bean with Sea Salt

Value: $1.40

I’ve tried a lot of bean chips lately and have been pleasantly surprised with their tastes. These chips are free of GMO ingredients and have a dash of sea salt on them. Mmm.


The Daily Crave Veggie Chip

Value: $1.00

I’ve heard great things about this brand! Taylor’s sister is obsessed with their veggie sticks. I love any alternative to snacking on potato chips because sometimes you just need that salty fix. I’m curious to try these!


Caveman Nuts

Value: $2.40

I love mixed nuts but they can be super high in salt content. These nuts are all raw and have no added salt or preservatives!

Righteously Raw Chocolate Pure Dark & Divine Mint

Value: $2.50

These little chocolates are super rich with antioxidants and have no refined sugar. My mom is obsessed with dark chocolate and like to find the highest cacao content that she can, so I will probably pass these along to her to enjoy πŸ™‚

Verdict: The value of this box was $28.00, just under the cost. However, I love the fact that I have never heard of hardly any of these brands. It’s a lot of work finding new companies that produce honest, yummy, healthy food, and if there is a box that can help me do that, I think it’s worth the small extra cost. I love that the snacks are full-size and that I can taste a good amount before I decide if I want to buy them or not. This box would be great for someone with food allergies as they only send natural products that are corn, gluten and soy-free and are vegan. I loved this box!

Would you like to sign you or a friend up for Healthy Surprise? Click HERE to pick the subscription that’s best for you!


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