Rx Vintage Subscription Review & Coupon Code!

Hi everybody 🙂

Today’s review is for a new company called Rx Vintage who styles you every month by sending you authentic vintage pieces to match your taste and incorporate into your wardrobe!

If you’d like to watch me open my box, feel free to click on the video below, otherwise keep reading!


The Box: Rx Vintage

The Cost: $49/month for 2 items and $99/month for 4-5 items

I loved that Rx Vintage’s style profile was very extensive. They asked about all of my styling preferences, my familiarity with vintage as well as what type of fabric I like and dislike. I also loved the pretty, white feather they included in my package that is dipped in a metallic, gold paint. It will be great to wear in my hair for some sort of theme party!


Vintage 1980’s Black Tea- Length Dress

Value: Approximately $55.00

This piece is in excellent condition! The description said that this dress was a maxi-dress, although for me it is definitely a tea-length dress. The dress is 100% acrylic which at first was a bit of a disappointment for me. However, after a bit of research I do see that a lot of pieces from the ’80’s were curated from acrylic and that it is a very durable fabric! Because this dress is tea-length on me, it will probably be gifted to a smaller friend, but I do really like the cinch-waste and the key-hole opening in the back!


Vintage 1970’s lightweight tartan skirt

Value: Approx. $32.00

I really like this skirt 🙂 And it has pockets! It has a nice, lightweight fabric and a live-colored print that is really fun! It would be super cute with a pair of wedges and a cream colored t-shirt or blouse.


Here’s another view of the skirt!


I really liked this detailed flyer that was full of fun ideas and inspiration on how to style this skirt. I was bummed to see that there wasn’t a styling flyer for the black dress although I think it just may have been forgotten!

Verdict: What a neat subscription service! For someone who is new to vintage or loves vintage clothing this company is doing all of the work for you and finding pieces that fit your style and your body. Although the dress was not 100% for me, I could tell that a lot of thought and time went in to choosing these pieces. You are not at all obligated to keep your pieces if you do not like them, Rx Vintage wants you to be happy! I personally find shopping for vintage pieces a bit overwhelming so I love that Rx Vintage helps shop for you!

Would you like to try out Rx Vintage? Click HERE to sign up and be sure to use coupon code CY04NLZ to get $10 off your first package!


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