Treatsie Subscription Box Review!


How are you liking box month? I hope you are enjoying my reviews? I hope you’ve all found a box, or boxes that are right for you!
I am very excited about today’s box company, Treatsie! Treatsie is a subscription service that sends you a variety of yummy sweets each month from small, unique vendors all over the country! You can see why I was excited to see what came in my box πŸ™‚ If you’d like to watch me open my Treatsie box, feel free to watch the video below or scroll down to read my written review.


I was a little bit nervous about whether things inside the box would melt if they were made of chocolate or something similar. But, Treatsie was one step ahead of me! The box came inside an envelope with a fancy coolpack and was wrapped in cellophane so that it wouldn’t get wet from the pack!

The Box: Treatsie

The Cost: $15.00/month

I love that Treatsie’s goal is not only to send you delicious, high-quality treats, but also to find candy that you normally wouldn’t find unless you happened to stumble across the shop itself. Now onto the goodies…

Liddabit Sweets Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Pretty sure I was sold on Treatsie after I picked up the first package. I love anything that contains the words dark chocolate, salt and caramels! I had my mom try one immediately because I am still cursed with these awful braces. They’re coming off in November so maybe this box will be a gift to myself! She said they were absolutely scrumptious.


Liddabit Sweets Barley Tea & Honey Lollipop

I figured I could cheat and give this lollipop a try. It was super tasty. I expected it to taste a bit more like tea but it didn’t. It was nice and flavorful and I can tell it would be great on a sore throat in winter!


Liddabit Sweets Fig-Ricotta Caramels

These were my moms favorite item in the box. She loves flavors that are a little abstract and she was all over these caramels. She said the ricotta gave them a tiny bit of yummy saltiness that balanced out the sweetness of the fig. I’m so jealous that she gets to try all of these!


Askinosie Chocolate: itty bars

At first I just thought this was yummy dark chocolate, nothing wrong with that… but there’s actually a lot more to it than that! Each of these bars is sourced from a single, different location in the world. There was one from the Philippines, Honduras, Tanzania & Ecuador. These bars are certified Kosher and it was really interesting to read about where they come from on the Askinosie website!


Southern Pecan Toffee by Lambrecht Gourmet

Again, I thought this looked so yummy but was sad I couldn’t try it. So, I recruited Emilee to try it out and see what she thought. Emilee isn’t usually a huge toffee fan but she said this was really good. The right amount of flavor & crunchiness without feeling like she was going to break a tooth. (her words not mine πŸ™‚ )

Verdict: I think this is such a great idea for a subscription box and one of the first of it’s kind! Although I didn’t calculate out each out the value precisely, I am confident that if I bought each of these products online, it would cost me a lot more than $15, plus shipping! I think this is such a great concept because we each deserve a little indulgence each month. Treatsie is constantly searching the country searching for new companies and new vendors so you know you will always get something new and tasty. I think I may have to subscribe myself (and possibly my mom) when I get my braces off!

What did you think of Treatsie? Are you are tempted to sign up as I am? If you’d like to sign up click HERE!


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