Art Snacks Subscription Review! July 2013

Hello guys!

Ready for another review? Today’s review is for Art Snacks, a cool new subscription box company that sends 4-5 high quality art & drawing supplies to your door each month! Check out my unboxing video click play on the video below or read on to see my written review.


I think their pencil/pretzel logo is so cute! It fits the theme and name of the box perfectly πŸ™‚


The Box: Art Snacks

The Cost: $20/month


Moleskine Volant Mini Notebooks Set of 2

Value: $5.99

I love the Moleskine brand so I was happy to see these in the box. For someone who is an artist these would be great for sketching or jotting down ideas here and there. For someone like me, (who sadly is a bit less artistic) they will still be great to toss in my purse for writing notes and making lists!


Prismacolor Premier Art Marker

Value: $3.00

This is a really cool double-sided marker that is specifically designed to add shadow and dimension to your drawings! The color is really pretty and I will definitely use this for my sign making.


Le Pen in Brown

Value: $1.69

I loved this pen from the get go just for it’s cute, little french name. It has a very fine tip and is specifically designed not to fray so you can get a precise line during it’s whole life. I personally wasn’t crazy about the brown color, but this will still get used no question.


ZIG Clean Color Real Brush in Green

Value: $3.30

I was really excited about this pen/brush! The color is gorgeous and it seriously feels like a real paintbrush when you use it. These pens are different than others like them because the tip is a real brush that is filled with a water color paint.


Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil

Value: $1.00

I recognized this pencil immediately because my mom used to use them when she was in architecture. These pencils do not smudge and stay nice and sharp which is actually perfect for me and my chemistry notes πŸ™‚


Here is a swatch of all of the writing utensils in the box!

Verdict: All though the value of this box is a bit lower than the purchase price, I was still really impressed with the quality and variety of items in the box. As someone who isn’t super good at art, I will still use every item that came inside. In addition, someone who really does enjoy art would get great use out of all of these supplies! (I know because my friend Cyrielle told me πŸ™‚ ) I think it’s neat that these products are coming from all over the world and are hand picked by art professionals.

What did you think of Art Snacks? If you’d like to sign up for Art Snacks and feed your creative juices click HERE!




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