ResQRoast Subscription Review!

Hi All!

Thank goodness it’s Saturday! However, the review I have for you today is for a company that’s going to help you get through your work week with a little less stress. Today’s review is for a company called ResQRoast! If you’d like to see me open my box of delicious coffee, click play on the video below, or feel free to scroll down and read my written review!


The Box: ResQRoast

The Cost: $29/month (Prices lower when you subscribe to more months)

ResQRoast puts a lot of work into finding you the highest quality, fair trade coffee from all over the world. In addition to providing you with delicious coffee, ResQRoast donates 15% of the purchase price to the charity of your choice! When I opened the box I was smacked in the face by the smell of delicious coffee. Om nom nom.


El Magdalena

Value: $12.99

I like the fact that you can choose to receive your coffee whole or ground. I was happy to see a very informative information card with the story behind the coffee, it’s roast and the tasting notes inside. There was also a brewing card that talked about proper brewing instructions for the best possible cup of coffee.


The RQR Reserve

Value: $12.99

I busted into this pack right away and brewed a cup for myself and my sisters boyfriend. This roast is delicious and strong but has a slight sweetness to it. Yummy. I may not be the most well-versed person in coffee in the world, but I do enjoy drinking it and I have my preferences. After living in Europe for a year, I only drink my coffee black and this coffee is full of flavor. No milk or sugar needed!




I’ll be honest, I forgot to take this picture at first and remembered after we had both been enjoying our brews for a bit. So, don’t judge our half empty cups!

Verdict: As someone who appreciates an effort to support fair trade and take care of the environment, I am really impressed with ResQRoast. They roast all of their coffee in carbon-neutral facilities to reduce their carbon footprint. How great is that? It’s nice to be able to choose between ground or whole beans because each person has their preference. And 15% of each sale goes to charity, which is a remarkable amount. Go ResQRoast!

Would you like to start receiving yummy, high-quality coffee to your doorstep? Click HERE to signup for ResQRoast and start supporting fair trade today.

This box was received for review purposes. As this is my blog, all opinions are (and are always) my own. No compensation was (or is ever) received for reviews!


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