My Little Box Subscription Review- June 2013

This is a review of my first My Little Box, a french subscription box that has a new theme every month. Click play to watch the video below, or continue to read my written review!


The box was super cutely packaged, I love the little designs on the front and I was thrilled to see that this month was My Little Party Box. Cute!

The Box: My Little Box

The Cost: 15.50 euros/month


Boho Green Revolution Matte Eye Shadow in CafΓ©

Value: 8.15 €

I was thrilled to see this shadow in the box. I’ve been needing a new base shadow and this color is perfect for me. It goes on super silky and is 100% organic! (See color swatch below)


NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Bronze Glitter

Value: 3.00 €

I’ve never used NYX products before but I love this color! It’s sparkly but it goes on super smoothly. This will be perfect for going out on the town or maybe even on dates if my boyfriend still wants to take me out after being apart for a year πŸ˜‰

The upper swatch is of the Green Revolution Shadow and the lower is of the NYX eye pencil. Sparkles!


My Little Beauty Huile Corporelle

Value: 18.00 €

I was excited to see this body oil in the box. This isn’t something I would have bought for myself but I will definitely be putting it to use! The oil is a nice texture, not to thick and there are tiny little sparkles that illuminate the skin. Perfect for highlighting! They have not yet made this product available on their site, but I imagine it will be soon!


Rock Your Hair Elastic

Value: 3.00 € ?

I love this elastic! I have a ton of hair and find myself wearing ponytails a little too often. This will be a great way to dress up my everyday pony.


Let’s Party Cuff

Value: 5.00 € ?

I am a little disappointed about this cuff because I think it is super cute but it is too big! It has an adorable engraving on the inside that says “Let’s Party”. Unfortunately I won’t be able to wear this because it is too big and falls right off my wrist but I will gift it to a lucky friend πŸ™‚


Payot Hydration 24 Body Cream

Value: 3.25 €

This cream is great! It goes on super smoothly and isn’t greasy at all. Perfect for summer. It claims to help firm skin and improve its elasticity. I’ll have to see if I notice a difference.

Verdict: This box was so cute! I was really excited about what was inside. The cost of the box was 15.50 € and the value was 40.00 €! Almost 3 times the cost! I am so sad I can’t be subscribed to this box in the U.S.. I really hope they will look into international shipping soon. For now, I settled by subscribing my friend Cyrielle to a 3-month subscription for her birthday and I plan on stalking all of her boxes πŸ™‚

Live in Belgium or France? Click HERE to subscribe to My Little Box!


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