Beautiful Croatia

Hi everybody!

I’m writing this post from a beach chair on the edge of the water in Croatia. My friend Sue and I are staying on an island called Hvar in a little bay that is quite literally almost deserted. The villa where we are staying currently has one other couple, and there is a house across the water that doubles as a restaurant but has nothing but seafood on the menu because they catch it fresh everyday. No complaints from me, I love seafood. The weather has been indescribable, sunny not a cloud in the sky, and the water is so clear, I can see my the ocean floor without any trouble even when I’m swimming. We haven’t left to go exploring yet because we have everything we need here. However, we found out today that there is a beach one bay over with more people and a few bars and restaurants. If we can muster the energy to leave this gorgeous beach, we may go check it out.

We have 10 days total here so I’m crossing my fingers that I may be able to get a little tan! We’ll see… Here are some photos, hope you enjoy!











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