Glossybox France Unboxing Video – May 2013

This is a first impression/unboxing video of my May France Glossybox. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like these videos 🙂 Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Glossybox France Unboxing Video – May 2013

  1. I’m jealous! Glossybox Canada just went out of business this week (after more than a year). I received the same shower gel in my Canadian box a few months ago, but the other products you got are nicer than the ones we used to get in Canada!

    • Ah that’s a bummer to hear they went out of business! I was actually really happy with this box, and that body wash smells too good! 🙂 Hopefully Glossybox is doing ok in France and the U.S. Do you subscribe to any other boxes in Canada?

      • The tale of Canadian beauty boxes is one of woe! Our first box was called Luxe Box, which had to scale back to quarterly deliveries. For a while there was also Glymm, which went out of business in March (with all our money… fortunately credit cards did chargebacks). We now have Topbox, which seems to be okay (for now!). Not many of the US boxes ship to Canada- I tried Beauty Box 5 for a while but wasn’t impressed. I have a friend in the UK and I’m planning to send her some Graze boxes for her upcoming birthday- weekly boxes with four little compartments, each with a different snack!

      • That is a bummer, I really think that the boxes in the US should ship to Canada. Hopefully that will change too. I’ve heard of Graze box, that’s a really good idea! I just subscribed my friend in France to a french box for her birthday too called My Little Box that is a style/beauty box and is TOO cute. I get to receive one next month before I go back to the US but I wish I would have discovered it months ago!

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