Exciting Announcement! Introducing July Box-a-Day Review Month!

Hi everyone!

images(I decided that is me on top of the pile)

I’m thrilled to announce a project that I’ve been organizing for some time now. I’ve been putting together this feature for a while and am excited to finally be able to share it with you! Through my blogging adventures I have found that a lot of people would really like to subscribe to some type of monthly box (or 10) but are really overwhelmed by all of the types of boxes out there. That is why I have decided to host Box-a-Day Review month on my blog during the month of July. I’ve been working hard and reaching out to companies to see who would like to participate in this event and have had an amazing response! Here is how it will work:

Every day in July (yes I know I’m in for a lot of work 😉 ) I will review a new box on my blog. For each box, I will do an initial unboxing/first impression video on my YouTube channel (and will post it on my blog), followed by a more detailed written post of each item in the box! I really hope this can be a fun way to introduce you to the huge world of subscription boxes and help you to find one that is right for you (or entice you to add a few more to your monthly subscription routine). There will also be some giveaways going on during the month of July and many great coupon codes for those of you who decide you want to subscribe to a box..or three.

I can’t wait to host this event and look forward to sharing with you guys. I have a large variety of boxes to share with you all, so no matter what your interests are (Style, Beauty, Food, Coffee, Crafts, Animals) I am sure that you will find a box that intrigues you.

I’ll keep you all updated as July gets closer so STAY TUNED!



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