Free Beauty Balance Skin Test Kit

This is an interesting offer. Beauty balance has developed a virtual tester for typing skin. They claim that our skin is always changing and that in order to know what products to treat it with, we need to know what it needs! Here’s what they have to say:

“BeautyBalance is the most accurate virtual system for typing skin. It uses CuDerm’s patented skin testers to provide instant online analysis. Four times a year we will mail you a new skin tester kit, along with other assorted goodies from our sponsors, to track your skin changes and needs.”


Currently, they are offering free starter kits to anyone who is interested. I’m going to give this sample a try just out of curiosity. I would love to know if my skin is changing and if it is how quickly. It would definitely be interesting to see :)

Click HERE to head to their form, fill it out with your shipping info and your tester kit will be on it’s way!

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