Free Sample from MiEssence Certified Organic Skin Care

UPDATE: Thank you to Jocelynd123 for letting me know that this offer is no longer available. I tried it two days ago and it was active. However, now they have reached their maximum for the month and want to charge shipping for the samples. Sorry about that everyone!

Hi Everybody!

Currently you can head over to MiEssence Certified Organic Skin Care’s website to request a free sample! You get to choose between two types of shampoo or a body wash. I chose the Desert Flower shampoo.

Click HERE to fill out the sample request form. After that you will receive an email to confirm your request. Simply confirm and your sample will be on its way!

These samples will be coming from Australia so allow up to 14 days for delivery.


2 thoughts on “Free Sample from MiEssence Certified Organic Skin Care

  1. Just for your information (and for your readers), I tried this sample last night only to receive this message from the company today: “We appreciate your interest in testing our organic products we know that most people that receive a sample go on buy the item. We do however have to put a monthly limit on the number of samples that we can ship out, and unfortunately this limit has been reached for this month.

    We can however still send you your choice of sample if you are willing to contribute to the expense of shipping and handling. This is a payment of $7.95 AUD.”

    So, it’s not actually a free sample right now… 😦

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