Customized Mario Badescu Skincare Sample Kit

Hi there! There is a great offer right now with Mario Badescu Skincare to receive a personalized skincare sample kit when you fill out a survey on their website. Here are the directions to receive your sample kit.


1) Click HERE to go to the questionnaire on the Mario Badescu website

2) Fill out the questionnaire with details about your skin along with your mailing address

3) At the end of the survey you will be taken to a page with a large recommendation of products for your skin, close this window

4) After 1-2 days, (it took 2 days for me) you will receive an email from the company with a list of the products that they recommend for you. At the bottom of the email there is a link that says “Please click here if you are interested in receiving product samples.” Click this link, confirm your shipping address and your samples will be on the way.

These are really good size samples too, and you’ll get a sample for every product they recommended for you!


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