Boxes on the horizon, May/June

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I will also be receiving Glossybox in May!

So because I’m still in France, and have just recently starting my blog, I will only have one box to review for the month of May:

The box is called Joliebox and is available in France and the UK.

As for June, I am expecting to have three boxes to review:

1) I will be receiving another Joliebox

2) My Little Box which is all the hype right now in France and I HOPE will be available in the U.S. soon because it looks adorable and has had nothing but great reviews.

3) The last box I will be expecting in June is Cosmopolitanbox which is, you guessed it, made by Cosmopolitan magazine! I’m curious about this box and as it comes with Junes issue of Cosmopolitan, how could I refuse?? (As far as I am aware, this box is only available in France)

After that, I’ll be back in the U.S. and deciding which monthly subscription boxes to subscribe to and review. Any suggestions for great beauty/lifestyle/eco/food boxes? What are your favorites?


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